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Awesomest Slam Dunkers from NBA Teams

Dunks are pretty much the number one thing which makes basketball such a fun sport to watch. Anyone who has every played basketball has definitely dreamed of slam dunking amidst roaring applause! Here’s a compilation of the most awesome NBA slam dunkers ever:

  • Josh Smith- Atlanta Hawks: Smith is one great athlete who moves with such polish and elegance that his teammates hail him as “J-Smooth”. With off the chart dunking abilities, carried out with phenomenal grace, he definitely belongs in this list.


  • Tyrus Thomas- Charlotte Hornets: Lauded for his extraordinary dunking abilities since his college days at LSU, his above the rim talents gave him a pass to NBA. Before getting traded to the Charlottes in 2009-2010, Smith won his fans hearts in Chicago and his fans still roar.


  • Ty Lawson- Denver Nuggets: Looming over at 5’11” the man has amazing footwork when driving to the hoop. Lawson is slowly, but surely turning into a great athlete, with electrifying dunks.


  • Monta Ellis- Golden State Warriors: Here is a complete athlete who has no issues with carrying the team on his back in crisis; as he shoots, passes, defenses with equal ease. He’s known to unleash fury with some wicked dunks.


  • Blake Griffin- Los Angeles Clippers: The much-hyped about player, definitely lives up to Clippers fans expectations. He has set a new level in the art of dunking when in a game; he soared to dunk with his armpit above the rim!


  • Kobe Bryant- Los Angeles Lakers: Nicknamed as “the Black mamba”, Kobe Bryant has been a crazy dunker since his rookie days. His ninja-like maneuvers when he gets the ball, sneaks into the lane and dunks are what make him one of the best.


  • Dwyane Wade- Miami Heat: Hands down one of the best athletes NBA has, Dwyane is also popular as a great dunker. One can’t but have a ton of respect for Wade’s insane skills as he dances around the opposite players to slam a sick dunk.

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