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Milwaukee Bucks NBA Champions

Will the Milwaukee Bucks Be the NBA Champions in 2020?

The Milwaukee Bucks came thisclose to taking their first trip to the NBA Finals in more than 45 years last season.  They held a 2-0 series lead against the eventual NBA champions, the Toronto Raptors, in the Eastern Conference Finals before losing four straight games to  miss out on their chance to make an NBA Finals run.

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PBR Rodeo Tour

The Professional Bull Riding Tour: A Guide on the Bull Riding Rules

There are over 3,611,176 fans attending one of the thousands of Rodeos worldwide each year. This is a sport that has been around for centuries and still holds mass appeal. If you want to attend a bull riding event click here for your tickets.

If you have never been to a Rodeo, read on to learn about Bull Riding Rules, before you attend.

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Coldplay Concert Tour

Will Coldplay Tour This Year?

With seven Grammy Awards and millions of album sales under their belt, Coldplay is one of the best-selling artists of all time.

But what can fans expect from the British pop princes in the future? Well, if you’re a Coldplay fan you have a lot to get excited about! So much so that you may get “A Rush of Blood to the Head,” so to speak.

Keep reading to learn what the band has been up to, whether or not you can expect a Coldplay tour anytime soon, and how you can snag tickets to their next show in your area.

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Clippers Lakers Basketball Court

LA Clippers vs. LA Lakers: Who Has the Better Team This Year?

If you’ve been paying any attention, you’ve noticed that Los Angeles’ professional basketball teams have made some major upgrades this offseason.

In fact, as things stand now, both the Clippers and the Lakers have  a legitimate shot at winning the NBA Finals this coming season, especially now that the Golden State dynasty seems to have reached its  conclusion. 

The question is which team is better… the Clippers or the Lakers? We’re going to get into that question below, comparing the teams on a head-to-head basis. Let’s go! 

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Rose Bowl Game Pasadena

Who Gets to Play in the Rose Bowl Game? Everything You Need to Know

Of all the Bowl games that have ever existed, perhaps none carries more prestige than the Rose Bowl.  Taking place in Pasadena, California in the aptly named Rose Bowl, the game almost always produces classic matchups. 

Wondering who gets to play in the Rose Bowl game? Then read on. We’re going to provide you with all the information you need.

The History of the Rose Bowl

Originally called the “East-West Game”, the Rose Bowl has been played since 1902.  Though it was originally played at Tournament Park in Pasadena, California,  by 1923, it was being played in the newly-erected Rose Bowl, also in Pasadena. This is when the name, “The Rose Bowl” caught on. 

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nba western conference finals

Who Will Win the 2020 Western Conference Finals? Our Top 4 Team Picks Right Now

The 2019-2020 NBA regular season is right around the corner and basketball fans are riveting to see how the many offseason shakeups will change the dynamic of the league. After all, with the disintegration of the Warriors and the movement of big-time players like Kawhi Leonard, Russel Westbrook, and Paul George, the landscape of the league figures to be entirely different from what it was over the last few seasons. 

This has a lot of people bringing up the question: who will win the 2020 NBA Western Conference Finals? While every team has a chance, there are 4 teams which rise above the rest. We’re going to discuss them below. 

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Dodger Fans at Dodger Stadium

10 Reasons to Become a Los Angeles Dodgers Fan

Dodger Stadium is the third-oldest field in Major League Baseball. It was built in 1962. 

But if you’re a Dodgers fan, there’s more to love about them than just their long history with the game of baseball. But not everyone can say, “I love LA Dodgers”. Maybe that’s because you just don’t know enough about the team yet and the many reasons to become a raving fan. 

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Los Angeles Clippers Record

6 Amazing Reasons Why the Clippers Record Make Them the Best

Back in July, the Los Angeles Clippers sent shockwaves through the NBA when they made two of the biggest transactions of the league’s busy offseason. They signed free agent Kawhi Leonard and completed a trade for his fellow superstar Paul George to completely transform the look of their team in an instant.

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College Football Championship Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Where is the College Football Playoff National Championship 2020?

Are you a college football fan? If so, you’re undoubtedly caught up in the thralls of the 2019 regular season.

But while the regular season is good enough for now, it’s not the end-all-be-all. Don’t forget about the postseason and particularly, the College Football Playoff National Championship.

Looking to learn a little more about this year’s playoff? You’re in the right place.

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Los Angeles Chargers Roster

Who Will Win the Super Bowl? Do the LA Chargers Have a Chance?

The NFL preseason is underway which means we finally get the first look  at our favorite teams. Now we can get answers to some of the offseason’s biggest questions.

How do the rookies look? Who’s hurt and who is back from injury?

Yes, it’s time to talk football. The season is ramping up and so are fans, as we all hope this is the year our team wins it all.

So, who will win the Super Bowl?

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