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Los Angeles Lakers Rumors and News

Brush Up on Your Trivia: 8 Cool LA Lakers Stats and Facts

Ready to impress your fellow fans with all the cool Lakers states and facts? If so, then you’re in the right place.

The storied Los Angeles Lakers NBA franchise has dominated the league for years. Therefore, if you are interested in the facts, there are a lot of them. We’ve tried to pick a few facts and stats from all eras, including the one about to start: the LeBron James in Los Angeles era.

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Hollywood Bowl Concert Best Seats

How to Get the Best Seats at Hollywood Bowl for an Ideal Concert Experience

The historic Hollywood bowl is one of the best places to see a performance. From jazz to classical music, to sing-alongs, to your favorite band, you never forget a show at the Hollywood Bowl.  Where you sit can really make or break your Hollywood Bowl experience. 

Here’s a breakdown on how you can score the best seats at Hollywood Bowl. 

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10 Biggest Rivalries in NBA History

10 Biggest Rivalries in NBA History

Last minute illegal headhunting of coaches? Check. Hipchecking an opponent into a scorers’ table? Check. Taking a brawl right into the stands? Check.

All of those delightful moments are the courtesy of the NBA’s biggest rivalries in the works.

Read on to find out all about the biggest rivalries in NBA history! 

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Yankees Dodgers World Series rivalry

11 Crazy Moments From Each of the Yankees Dodgers World Series

11 Moments of Sporting History from the Yankees Dodgers World Series.

The Yankees-Dodgers rivalry has lain dormant for too long. The former crosstown rivals have met in the World Series 11 times, and yet, they haven’t faced each other on baseball’s biggest stage since 1981.

Both teams have a slew of young talent to keep them very good for a very long time. We’re talking players like Luis Severino, Yasiel Puig, Gleyber Torres, Cody Bellinger, Walker Buehler, Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Corey Seager, and Luis Urias. Just dreaming of these names gives us hope of this rivalry returning at any moment.

In anticipation of the 2019 World Series (yep, we’re calling it now) and in honor of the number of times they’ve met in the Fall Classic, we’ve created a guide to this matchup. Here are our picks for the most insane, hilarious, and unbelievable moments from the history of the Yankees-Dodgers World Series.

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Los Angeles Lakers history greatest players mural by Gustavo Zermeno Jr

10 Most Memorable Moments in Los Angeles Lakers History

10 Most Memorable Moments in Los Angeles Lakers History.

If there’s one thing the LA Lakers are, it’s memorable. Read on to learn about the 10 most memorable moments in Los Angeles Lakers history.

There’s no team quite like the LA Lakers. They’ve experienced monumental ups and downs in a way that not many other teams can match. From their rise to fame and glory in the 80s to their fall down to the deepest depths, all the way back to their house cleaning efforts of recent years, the LA Lakers continue to be one of the most interesting basketball teams out there for lovers of the sport and simple spectators alike.

Today, we’re going to break down some of the most important moments in the Los Angeles Lakers’ history to see exactly where they went right, where they went wrong, and where they tried to build it all up again.

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Atlanta Falcons Stadium Mercedes Benz Stadium

Where do the Atlanta Falcons play their home games?

Where do the Atlanta Falcons play their home games?

The Atlanta Falcons play their home football games at Mercedes-Benz Stadium which opened August 26, 2017.

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Staples Center section 119 Lakers team bench

What Section is behind the Lakers Bench at Staples Center?

Looking to sit behind the Lakers bench at Staples Center?

Sections 119, Premiere 4 as well as Section 334 are directly behind the Lakers bench at Staples Center.

Section 119 is directly behind Lakers team bench and will be your best and closest option for sitting behind the Los Angeles players, but also the most expensive.

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best sections for visiting team fans at section

Best sections for Visiting Team Fans at Dodger Stadium

Best sections for visiting team fans at Dodger Stadium

Barry’s recommendations for the best sections for visiting team fans at Dodger Stadium.

The Los Angeles Dodgers will welcome twenty visiting teams to Dodger Stadium during the regular MLB season.

The visiting team dugout in on the first base side in front of sections 10, 20, 22, 24 and Dugout Club 8
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Pasadena Rose Bowl Tailgating Guide

Rose Bowl Tailgating Guide

2019 Rose Bowl Tailgating Guide

There’s a reason why NCAA College Football Fans show up early to the Pasadena Rose Bowl game. It’s not getting the best parking spaces. Rose Bowl tailgating parties are an essential part of the game day ritual.

Tailgating gives both teams fans the opportunity to socialize, eat, energize before they head into the Rose Bowl stadium to watch their team play in the Granddaddy of them all.

Over 100,000 fans will descend to the Pasadena Rose Bowl, this means much traffic both to and from the Stadium.

We recommend getting to the stadium as early as possible to avoid traffic delays. Arriving early will give you more time to tailgate as well.

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brewers bobblehead schedule

Milwaukee Brewers Bobblehead Schedule 2018 Tickets

Milwauke Brewers Bobblehead Schedule 2018.

The Milwaukee Brewers Bobblehead Night Schedule 2018 games at the Miller Park will be available soon.

Barry’s Tickets offers 100% guaranteed authentic tickets to all Milwaukee Brewers Bobblehead Games as well as all games during the preseason, regular season and NHL Playoffs.
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