8 Tips for Buying Lakers Tickets This Season

8 Tips for Buying Lakers Tickets This Season

Few things bring people together like a sporting event. With 17 NBA championships and a heralded history, the Lakers are a franchise that transcend sports and are huge in pop culture.

Buying Lakers game tickets is an excellent experience whether you’re a hardcore or casual fan. So how can you buy tickets to a Lakers game? We’re happy to assist you.

The tips below will help you out when you’re looking into buying Lakers tickets.

1. Understand the State of the Team and Demand for Lakers Tickets

If you live in the Southern California area, you know that Lakers tickets are pretty much-in-demand no matter how good or bad the team is this season.

When searching for LA Lakers tickets, recognize that the demand will be different based on what’s going on with the team and the league as a whole.

There are always storylines that drive the demand for tickets even higher. The late Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour had Lakers tickets sold out all over the league for the entire season.

If LeBron gets to achieve his dream of playing with his son in a few years, expect those tickets to sell like hotcakes as well. The Lakers are the superstar mecca and are always involved in free agency and trade rumors. This means that the stock and notoriety of the team can always suddenly skyrocket any given year.

Know the state of the team this year and plan out accordingly.

2. Consider Whether You’re Looking for Single Game or Other Tickets

You also have different options for the types of tickets that you’d like to purchase. Single-game tickets are the most popular option. Several people also purchase tickets for multiple games, family ticket packages, and others.

Lakers season tickets are popular each and every year. These options give you access to all of the Lakers’ home games. You might also be able to purchase tickets for a quarter or half of the schedule.

The Lakers have the second-highest prices on season tickets, behind only the New York Knicks. Have a price range in mind when you’re shopping for Los Angeles Lakers tickets. Scope out Lakers ticket prices and set your budget when going into the process.

3. Browse the Schedule and Understand How the Matchups Play a Role

Browse the schedule for the upcoming year so that you can shop for tickets.

Pay close attention to certain matchups that will drive prices up. Steph Curry’s historic career will always draw a lot of attention, so expect Warriors tickets to fetch a hefty price.

You should also be mindful of primetime and televised games, which will generally draw more attention and a greater price. Consider getting tickets for one-in-a-lifetime games so that you can witness sports history play out in person.

4. Scope Out Both Home and Away Games

Many people looking for Lakers tickets only focus on Crypto.com Arena (formerly Staples Center). However, there are plenty of gems to be had when you also shop for away games.

Since Los Angeles is close to several teams and major cities, you can also scope out Kings, Suns, Warriors, and other away games. Depending on the team that they’re playing, you might find greater availability and cheaper prices for tickets.

5. Look Into Different Outlets for Purchasing Lakers Game Tickets

The field of ticket sales has a value of $6.8 billion at the moment. This means that you shouldn’t necessarily jump at the first ticket price that you find.

Test the market and browse the different outlets available and compare the seats they have available. Knowing that you’ve exhausted all your resources will make you feel better about whichever tickets you purchase.

6. Get the Best Value From Your Seats

Always study the value that you’re going to get from any Lakers seats that you buy.

Getting courtside seats to an NBA game is a grail item that many people have on their bucket list. You might also look into baseline seats or seats in floor-level sections.

When purchasing Lakers tickets, you can also check the seating map to know exactly where it’s located. Many ticket sales outlets also include an interactive visual so you can get a feel for the perspective that you’ll see.

7. Study the Secondhand Ticket Market

The internet has evened the playing field for ticket sales. You can browse the secondhand ticket market to get a great deal on any Lakers game.

Many of these outlets have security measures in place so that you don’t have to worry about getting scammed. Make sure that you purchase from a reputable and proven account holder, and verify the legitimacy of their tickets prior to making a purchase.

8. Jump on Your Tickets Early

Time is of the essence when you decide to purchase Lakers tickets.

New NBA schedules are released pretty early, which gives you the chance to purchase coveted tickets as soon as possible. Availability will eventually go down, and prices will go up when you try to get tickets at the last minute.

Many ticket retailers even offer payment plans for tickets so that you don’t have to worry about coming completely out of pocket up front.

Take the Time to Buy Quality Lakers Tickets

Lakers tickets are hot commodities seemingly each year. People all over make the pilgrimage to Southern California to witness the Lake Show in person.

Use the points above as a starting point when you’d like to attend a Lakers game and several other sporting events that you will appreciate to the fullest.

Check us out the next time you’re interested in buying NBA tickets or seats for any other sporting event.