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Brush Up on Your Trivia: 8 Cool LA Lakers Stats and Facts

Ready to impress your fellow fans with all the cool Lakers stats and facts? If so, then you’re in the right place.

The storied Los Angeles Lakers NBA franchise has dominated the league for years. Therefore, if you are interested in the facts, many of them exist. We’ve tried to pick a few facts and stats from all eras, including the one about to start: the LeBron James in Los Angeles era.

This article will look at 8 cool L.A. Lakers stats and facts. Use them at your next trivia, bet your friends you’re right, or teach other fellow fans of the purple and yellow. Enjoy!

1. Where Did ‘Lakers’ Come From?

You know them as the legendary Lakers, but where did the name come from?

The Los Angeles Lakers were not in L.A. the whole time. They made the switch over in 1960 from Minneapolis. The name ‘Lakers’ was coined from the state’s nickname of the ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes’.

Ownership decided to keep the name when they moved, and it’s stayed that way ever since. The L.A. Lakers even unveiled a throwback jersey during the 2017 season to commemorate their time in the Great Lakes.

2. 3,500 Consecutive Games!

Lakers nation travels well, so perhaps you’re not watching every home game. A nice piece of Lakers history for you is to know the name Chick Hearn, known as the voice of the Los Angeles Lakers. He was the man behind the mic for nearly 3,500 consecutive regular season and postseason games spanning 4 decades.

His efforts make him a truly iconic voice and face inside the storied Lakers franchise.

3. Luke Walton

There have been many great Lakers players and coaches. Did you know the ex-coach, Luke Walton, was both? He was drafted in 2003 with the draft’s final pick and played for 9 seasons as a role player. Walton was part of 2 NBA Championship runs with the Lakers as a player during his career.

And at the tender age of 38, he’s also currently the youngest NBA coach leading a team.

4. Winning Streak

The Los Angeles Lakers hold the longest win streak in the history of the NBA, with 33 consecutive wins during the 1971-72 season.

The dynasty-in-the-making Golden State Warriors of our current era have eclipsed the record twice but have fallen short at 28 straight wins.

5. Home Of The All-Time Leading Scorer

Can you name the all-time leading scorer in NBA history? Hint: he played for the Lakers and is one of the most famous names to ever don the jersey. This is a good piece of NBA trivia to know.

If you guessed Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, you were right! Of all the Lakers Hall of Famers, he scored an insane 38,387 points during his Lakers career, with the 2nd place scorer nearly 1,400 points behind him. Current NBA players, including recently-added-to-the-Lakers Lebron James, may threaten his scoring title if they continue at their pace, but his record is safe for now.

James is, as of the beginning of the 2018-19 NBA season, about 7,300 points away from the record. He has some work to do, but it’s possible if he keeps playing the way he has in recent years.

6. The Clippers Rivalry

The L.A. Clippers franchise is just across town in Los Angeles. Historically, the Lakers have been “the team” in L.A., as they’ve enjoyed massive success in championships and star players. On the other hand, the Clippers have struggled to be relevant for much of their existence until recent years.

But do you know their all-time record against one another? Take a moment to pick your guess.

The Lakers, as it stands, are currently 146-70 against their crosstown rival. They have never met in a playoff series, but you can imagine what the city might be like if that ever did happen.

7. The Celtics Rivalry

Perhaps the Lakers biggest rivals, however, are the Boston Celtics. Weird, maybe, to consider a rival against a team nearly 3,000 miles away, but these teams have history. Widely considered the two most historic franchises in NBA history, they share a combined 33 total championships (17 for Boston, 16 for L.A.) and have met in the finals a record 12 times over the years.

The first time they ever played in the finals? 1959. Boston won en route to 8 straight NBA titles.

The last time they played in the finals? 2010. The purple and gold exacted their revenge, winning the game in 7 on their home court, completing a back-to-back title run with Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol leading the charge. That one still stings for most Boston fans, I’m sure.

8. The Newest Laker- LeBron James

What else do you need to know about LeBron James? He’s the best basketball player in the world and just joined the Lakers franchise this summer. If you’re trying to win in trivia, it might be a good idea to have a fact or two about him.

How about the fact that, this summer, he opened a school? Located in Ohio, it provides support to families of at-risk teens. With all the negativity we see in the news these days, this is a fact we can all feel good about.

Lakers Stats & Facts- Wrap-Up

Whether you’ve been around the franchise since it started or just become a fan of the purple and gold, being a Lakers fan is a special thing. Not many sports franchises can say they’ve won as much as L.A. has, so wear it with pride!

Use these facts to wow your friends, increase your knowledge, or win your next trivia night when Lakers stats and facts are brought up. And also, be ready to usher in this new era of Lakers basketball with LeBron James at the helm.

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