5 Reasons to Go See a Stage Play in Person

5 Reasons to Go See a Stage Play in Person

In the 2018–2019 season, 14.8 million people attended Broadway shows. As this is just a single market for plays, you can tell there is a lot of interest in storytelling on stage.

But why do people keep attending plays, especially in our digital age? And why should you consider going out to see a stage play? We’ll be answering these questions and more as we explore five reasons to see a stage play in person.

1. An Experience Like No Other

There is something about theater performances that make them like nothing else in the world. This sets them apart from other art forms.

For one, live theater is a community experience. You are in a room filled with life, as people sit around you. Your reactions to what happens on stage are shared with these people and vice versa.

This can add to your viewing experience. Emotional moments have the potential to hit even harder when you see how they impact the people around you.

Some shows go even further in directly impacting the audience. For example, Cats is famous for having the performers go out into the audience and interact with them. This provides an experience that cannot be replicated by television or movies.

Even the theater itself can add to the experience. Some theaters out there are beautiful and have stories that are unique all on their own. Attending a show at a classic theater can transform a show even further.

2. Each Performance Is Different

There is a reason people attend the same showing of the same play multiple times. Even though they know the story and have already seen what happens, they keep coming time and time again.

A big part of the draw here is that each and every live performance is different. A stage performance of Hamlet by a local high school will vary dramatically from one that is performed in the biggest theaters of London.

This variety is beautiful in its own way. Simple things like the emphasis on certain words or a difference in movement can shift the way you view the play. You may even notice something about the storyline that you would have never noticed before.

Even in instances where the same actors are performing, each experience is still different. If you see a show on the night one of the leads isn’t feeling good, you will have a different experience than a night when they are at the top of their game. These nights of peak performance are what attendees want to see and can push the show to new heights.

3. Self-Improvement

Attending a play isn’t just a fun experience, it is also beneficial. There are benefits that you will gain simply by being an attentive member of the audience.

One benefit comes from the way a play gives you cultural knowledge. Plays often hold cultural importance that is unique to that play. Each play is telling a story and, after the show, you will understand the story it is telling.

For example, Macbeth has gone on to inspire media ranging from The Lord of the Rings to The Lion King to dozens and dozens of other features. After seeing a performance of Macbeth, your eyes will be open to the influence it has.

Live theater also has cognitive benefits. You can actually improve your mental health and well-being by watching a performance.

Specifically, studies have shown that attendance improves empathy and leads to pro-social behavior. Witnessing real people act out a storyline truly makes a difference in how your brain interprets media. This is another element of live theater that cannot be replicated by what takes place on a screen.

4. New Topics and Themes

The stage has always been held up as a place of experimentation. Here, storytelling can push the limits and do what other mediums are unable to do.

From long before the days of Shakespeare, the topics and themes explored on stage have inspired research, discussion, and reflection. This is part of why Shakespeare is still taught in schools today.

One can still see this exploration on display in modern theaters. Shows like Hamilton bring history to life through a modern lens. Meanwhile, shows like The Book of Mormon explore religion and purpose.

This also connects to the communal aspect of theaters. As you leave, you have the chance to discuss these topics and themes with your fellow attendees. This is cathartic and provides for a moment of immediate reflection.

5. Support the Community

Whenever you attend a play, you know that the money you spend is going to something worthwhile. By seeing a play, you become a supporter of the visual arts.

This helps continue support for a cultural cornerstone. As mentioned above, plays are an important cultural feature. With continued attendance, this important cultural feature can continue on.

You are also supporting a specific group of hard-working individuals. To put on a play, actors, directors, writers, stagehands, and more all put in a lot of work. By purchasing a ticket, you help reward them for this effort.

This is even more important when attending a play in your local area. In these cases, the theater may need additional help, which your purchase helps fund. In addition, you add to the circulation of funds within your community, which helps the local economy.

Why You Should See a Stage Play

There are plenty of reasons to attend a stage play in person. You can view a unique experience, help yourself, and help others all at the same time. This makes attending the theater something that no one should miss out on.

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