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2015 Dodgers Opening Day Tickets Down 40%

Los Angeles Dodgers 2015 MLB Opening Day Tickets for their April 6TH opener against the San Diego Padres and ex beloved Dodger Mat Kemp are down almost 40% since last season for. While Dodgers Ace Clayton Kershaw is expected to be on mound on Opening Day at Dodger Stadium the San Diego Padres don’t have the same draw as last season’s opener against the San Francisco Giants. The dramatic drop in price gives the average fan a great chance to get a deal on Dodgers Opening Day tickets which last season were averaging $100.00 to get in the door.

Field Box Level tickets are down 33% from last year’s price of $225.per ticket.
Loge Level tickets are down 30.76% from last years price of $170 per ticket.
Reserve Level tickets are down 35% from last years price of $135 per ticket
Top Deck Infield Level Tickets are down 40% from last year price of $105 per ticket

During the regular season Dodgers vs Padres tickets average just $42.00 per ticket while Dodgers vs Giants tickets averaged 42.85% higher at $60.00 per ticket.

The impact of Andrew Friedman as Dodgers Chairman has been immediate and sudden, with several moves during the annual Major League Baseball winter meetings designed to remake the roster. The moves have the imprint of Friedman’s work in Tampa, where he created a contender in a small market. Here’s a look at the Dodgers big moves and the impact on the upcoming season.

Decision not to sign Hanley Ramirez: The Dodgers made the decision to not re-sign Hanley Ramirez, losing the slugging shortstop to the Boston Red Sox. When healthy during the past two seasons Ramirez had one of the best bats in the National League; unfortunately health was a major concern for Ramirez, with nagging injuries often finding the slugger on the bench. Defensively Ramirez was a major liability, ranking towards the bottom of the National League in defensive ratings, forcing the Dodgers to replace him during late game situations. With Ramirez in the American League the Dodgers traded for veteran Jimmy Rollins from the Philadelphia Phillies. The former National League MVP has lost some range defensively, but the four-time Gold Glove winner is a major defensive upgrade. He’s also a highly durable player who hit 17 home runs a year ago. Rollins should be an excellent short-term solution until the Dodgers shortstop of the future, Corey Seager, is able to take over the role.

Trade of Matt Kemp: After dealing with injuries for nearly two full seasons the Dodgers outfielder had a tremendous second half a year ago, reminiscent of his MVP-contending seasons. With a logjam in the outfield the Dodgers opted to deal Kemp when the demand for the slugger was hot. Due to nagging injuries and diminished defensive performance, Kemp is a major question mark. The Padres gambled in acquiring the slugger, who has a big contract that runs through 2019. The telling quote in the trade of Kemp was when Friedman (Talking to MLB.com) stated that the move of Kemp is “an effort to mold the roster into a highly functioning baseball team rather than a collection of talent.” With Kemp gone the Dodgers now has a position for young star Joc Pederson, who will have every opportunity to earn a starting position. Pederson had a big year in the minor leagues last season and will be an upgrade over Kemp defensively.

The big piece the Dodgers picked up in the Kemp trade is catcher Yasmani Grandal. The Miami native is a talented catcher who had an outstanding rookie season in 2012 before suffering an ACL tear in 2013. Last year Grandal had an up and down season with flashes of offensive brilliance combined with inconsistency. Defensively Grandal is an excellent pitch framer who struggled to throw out opposing runners. Grandal has the talent to be an upgrade over AJ Ellis, giving the Dodgers a potential upper echelon bat at the catcher’s position.

2015 Dodgers Opening Day ticketsHowie Kendrick: The Dodgers will have a new double play combo next season with the acquisition of Howie Kendrick from the Los Angeles Angels. Kendrick is one of the most consistent second baseman in all of baseball, putting together another consistent season last year. He’ll replace Dee Gordon, who the Dodgers traded to the Miami Marlins. Gordon had a breakout season a year ago, leading the league in stolen bases and triples. While Gordon injected excitement at the top of the order he was a below average defensive second baseman. The dependable Kendrick will be a defensive upgrade and is a solid bet to continue his consistency at the plate.

Brandon McCarthy: Looking to improve the back end of their bullpen the Dodgers signed Brandon McCarthy away from the New York Yankees. Last season the Dodgers received spotty production from Dan Haren and solid production from Josh Beckett, when the veteran right-hander wasn’t injured. McCarthy should be an ideal 4th starter, giving the team durability and consistency. Over the last four seasons McCarthy has a 3.81 ERA in 97 starts, ranking 48th among the 90 major league pitchers who through at least 500 innings during that span. He’s a savvy veteran and good clubhouse guy who should be an excellent addition to the roster.

The Dodgers have done an excellent job creating a more balanced roster. They’ll clearly be better up the middle, with the big question mark whether or not they can produce at the plate with Kemp and Ramirez no longer on the roster. The starting rotation is virtually set with the last remaining question mark the bullpen. Chris Hatcher and Joel Peralta are decent acquisition, but the Dodgers still are likely to make a few moves to better their overall bullpen depth. Don Mattingly’s lack of confidence in his setup men had a direct effect on Clayton Kershaw blowing two leads versus the St Louis Cardinals in the postseason. A better group of setup men will go a long way towards real postseason success. You can also purchase Cardinals Tickets for their games against the Dodgers at Busch Stadium.

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