Los Angeles Chargers Roster

Who Will Win the Super Bowl? Do the LA Chargers Have a Chance?

The NFL preseason is underway which means we finally get the first look at our favorite teams. Now we can get answers to some of the offseason’s biggest questions.

How do the rookies look? Who’s hurt and who is back from injury?

Yes, it’s time to talk football. The season is ramping up and so are fans, as we all hope this is the year our team wins it all.

So, who will win the Super Bowl?

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Los Angeles Chargers News

LA Chargers News, Predictions, and Preview: Will 2019 Be an Epic Year?

Can the Chargers make the leap from AFC title contender to Super Bowl champion  this year?

We all know what the Chargers have brought to the table in the past. Great QB play, solid D, and a laundry list of injuries that perpetually keep them from reaching their full potential. The roster is as good as any contender in the AFC, but putting it all together and avoiding those damning injuries has proven difficult.

Last year’s season ended with a crushing divisional-round loss to the eventual Super Bowl-winning Pats, but throughout most of the regular season and some of the playoffs, this looked like a different Chargers team.

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Lakers Preview Lebron James Anthony Davis

Lakers Preseason: Los Angeles Lakers Preview of 2019-2020 Season

They say April showers bring May flowers.

Well, it certainly rained in April with the Los Angeles Lakers missing the playoffs for the sixth straight year. Magic Johnson abruptly stepped down as President of Basketball Operations. Three days later, the Lakers and Coach Luke Walton mutually agreed to a split. The team hired their third choice, Frank Vogl, to replace Walton after Monty Williams landed with the Suns and Ty Lue removed himself from consideration.

But in May, the Laker’s fortune’s changed. The Lakers jumped from their projected #11 slot in the draft lottery to snag the number four pick. GM Rob Pelinka flipped that valuable asset along several future draft picks and a bevy of players to the New Orleans Pelicans for star big man Anthony Davis. That’s a great Lakers preseason.

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Los Angeles Rams home game

The LA Rams 2019 Season, Schedule, Roster, and More

Just three short years ago, the Los Angeles Rams were one of the worst teams in the entire NFL. They finished 4-12 during the 2016-17 season.

But today, they’re among the best teams in the league. It’s due in large part to the meteoric rise of their 33-year-old head coach Sean McVay and the talent that the front office has put out on the field.

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LA Clippers Game at Staples Center

NBA Championship Odds 2020: LA Clippers Favored to Win, Tough to Beat

We can almost hear the basketball fun train approaching the station.

The 2019/2020 season cannot come soon enough and it’s the time when big aspirations need to come to fruition. Fans already have their hands full speculating what’s in store for revamped LA Clippers team.

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Miley Cyrus Live

Miley Cyrus Facts You Never Knew (Prepare for Red Heart Emoji Overload!)

The world is fascinated with Miley Cyrus. She gets more Tweets, YouTube viewers and Google searches than any of the world’s current events. She went from the Disney character, Hannah Montana to the shocking pop star who performed in her underwear in her “Bangerz” tour.

Whether you’re shocked by her barely-there costumes or love her songs and entertaining antics, Miley Cyrus is sure to stay on everyone’s mind. Are you ready to hear 13 cool Miley Cyrus facts that you might not know?
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Best Quarterbacks Of All Time

A Monumental Career: Taking A Look At 10 Of The Best Quarterbacks Of All Time

Are you an avid fan of the national football league?

Lots of people are regular viewers of the NFL with some even considering themselves as hardcore fans. They are the ones who’ve seen the sport at a young age and became hooked for life.
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11 Don't Miss Country Music Concerts

11 Don’t Miss Country Music Concerts in 2019

Country music was made for the summertime.

If you’re a country fan, you’ve got a lot to look forward to this year, especially this summer. There are unending tours rolling through a town near you that you’re not gonna want to miss. There’s a little something for everyone, too.
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Top 12 LA Lakers Players of All Time

Top 12 LA Lakers Players of All Time

The Lakers are one of the two or three most historic franchises in basketball.

Now that Lebron’s in LA, we’re waiting patiently for some form of resurgence from basketball’s most popular team. It didn’t happen this year, but the future may have brighter days. For now, it’s best to keep your eyes on the rearview mirror and enjoy the past successes of the Lakers.
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11 Best Miley Cyrus songs

11 Best Miley Cyrus Songs to Listen to Before You Get Her New Album

Miley Cyrus is becoming more and more popular with her all-white outfits and new music. Her fans and critics say that her new music sounds similar to some of her old songs. But this only reminds us of her glory days as a Disney Channel star on the Hannah Montana show.
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