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San Diego Padres at Los Angeles Dodgers

( 08-25-2018 12:00 AM )


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112 Tickets
Section: 303
Row: N   Qty:
$38 /ea.
Section: PL 309
Row: X   Qty:
$42 /ea.
Section: RS 40
Row: U   Qty:
$66 /ea.
Section: 27RS
Row: T   Qty:
$74 /ea.
Section: RS 39
Row: O   Qty:
$81 /ea.
Section: 4RS
Row: J   Qty:
$82 /ea.
Section: 7RS
Row: N   Qty:
$84 /ea.
Section: LG 158
Row: T   Qty:
$100 /ea.
Section: 45FD
Row: T   Qty:
$105 /ea.
Section: 147LG
Row: S   Qty:
$142 /ea.
Section: 148LG
Row: R   Qty:
$142 /ea.
Section: LG 143
Row: S   Qty:
$189 /ea.
Section: 39FD
Row: R   Qty:
$242 /ea.
Section: 29FD
Row: T   Qty:
$268 /ea.
Section: 36BL
Row: 2   Qty:
$333 /ea.
Section: 37BL
Row: 1   Qty:
$452 /ea.
Section: 129
Row: A   Qty:
$546 /ea.
Section: 49RS
Row: JJ   Qty:
$604 /ea.
Section: 37RS
Row: JJ   Qty:
$630 /ea.
Section: 4DG
Row: BB   Qty:
$657 /ea.
Section: 4DG
Row: DD   Qty:
$657 /ea.
Section: 6DG
Row: BB   Qty:
$657 /ea.
Section: 34RS
Row: JJ   Qty:
$683 /ea.
Section: 27FD
Row: W   Qty:
$4,174 /ea.
Section: 28FD
Row: R   Qty:
$4,174 /ea.
Section: 28FD
Row: P   Qty:
$4,174 /ea.