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Boston Red Sox

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The following is the roster of the Boston Red Sox:

Active Roster
Pitchers B/T Ht Wt DOB
19 Josh Beckett R/R 6-5 220 5/15/1980
54 Craig Breslow L/L 6-0 185 8/8/1980
61 Clay Buchholz L/R 6-3 190 8/14/1984
41 Bryan Corey R/R 6-0 170 10/21/1973
17 Manny Delcarmen R/R 6-2 190 2/16/1982
43 Devern Hansack R/R 6-2 180 2/5/1978
56 Craig Hansen R/R 6-5 185 11/15/1983
-- Kyle Jackson R/R 6-3 190 4/9/1983
31 Jon Lester L/L 6-2 190 1/7/1984
48 Javier Lopez L/L 6-4 220 7/11/1977
74 Edgar Martinez R/R 6-0 220 10/23/1981
18 Daisuke Matsuzaka R/R 6-0 185 9/13/1980
37 Hideki Okajima L/L 6-1 195 12/25/1975
58 Jonathan Papelbon R/R 6-4 230 11/23/1980
62 David Pauley R/R 6-2 185 6/17/1983
38 Curt Schilling R/R 6-5 235 11/14/1966
39 Kyle Snyder S/R 6-8 215 9/9/1977
51 Julian Tavarez L/R 6-2 195 5/22/1973
50 Mike Timlin R/R 6-4 210 3/10/1966
49 Tim Wakefield R/R 6-2 210 8/2/1966
Catchers B/T Ht Wt DOB
-- Dusty Brown R/R 6-0 180 6/19/1982
72 George Kottaras L/R 6-0 185 5/16/1983
28 Doug Mirabelli R/R 6-1 220 10/18/1970
33 Jason Varitek S/R 6-2 230 4/11/1972
Infielders B/T Ht Wt DOB
-- Chris Carter L/L 6-0 210 9/16/1982
13 Alex Cora L/R 6-0 200 10/18/1975
-- Argenis Diaz R/R 5-11 155 2/12/1987
25 Mike Lowell R/R 6-3 210 2/24/1974
23 Julio Lugo R/R 6-1 175 11/16/1975
15 Dustin Pedroia R/R 5-9 180 8/17/1983
20 Kevin Youkilis R/R 6-1 220 3/15/1979
Outfielders B/T Ht Wt DOB
10 Coco Crisp S/R 6-0 180 11/1/1979
7 J.D. Drew L/R 6-1 200 11/20/1975
46 Jacoby Ellsbury L/L 6-1 185 9/11/1983
44 Brandon Moss L/R 6-0 205 9/16/1983
24 Manny Ramirez R/R 6-0 200 5/30/1972
-- Jonathan Van Every L/L 6-1 190 11/27/1979
Designated Hitters B/T Ht Wt DOB
34 David Ortiz L/L 6-4 230 11/18/1975

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Boston Red Sox Seating

We have the seating chart for the Boston Red Sox Stadium, please check with our Boston Red Sox tickets help line for more information on Boston Red Sox tickets and Boston Red Sox transportation and parking.

Boston Red Sox Stadium Parking

If you don’t want to drive, there is another way to get to the Boston Red Sox Stadium by using public transportation, make sure you have the Boston Red Sox Stadium address and your Boston Red Sox Stadium seating chart. Well the Boston Red Sox it’s not just about tickets you can also visit the Area around for more fun. And make sure you will come to us for any type of tickets, we carry the cheapest tickets and best seats.

What you should know: Boston Red Sox !!!

Some stuff you need to do before going to the place is that you must have your Boston Red Sox tickets before you go because I m sure they will not let you in the Boston Red Sox Stadium without your Boston Red Sox tickets , make sure you have your Boston Red Sox Stadium address your Boston Red Sox Stadium seating chart, and your Boston Red Sox Stadium driving directions . Also make sure you have your Boston Red Sox Schedule and your Boston Red Sox seating chart with you. Thank you for reading this and I hope you will get an excellent experience in the Boston Red Sox stadium. And make sure you will come to us for any type of tickets we carry the cheapest tickets and the best seats.

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What you shouldn’t forget: Boston Red Sox

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How do I purchase Boston Red Sox Tickets?

Click on the link above to purchase Boston Red Sox Tickets. Locate the Boston Red Sox date you want to attend. Ordering Boston Red Sox Tickets early insures you a place in the general seating area of your choice. To order Boston Red Sox Tickets securely online simply click the "Click Here to Buy Boston Red Sox Tickets!" link above.

Do you guys have Cheap Boston Red Sox Tickets?

While not all Boston Red Sox Tickets are considered Cheap Boston Red Sox Tickets, we do our best to bring you the largest availability of cheap Boston Red Sox Tickets possible. We offer free shipping, specials and discounts to keep the price of Boston Red Sox Tickets as cheap as possible.

How do I get my Boston Red Sox Tickets?

All of our Boston Red Sox Tickets are either shipped via Federal Express or available for pick up at one of our many affiliate ticket brokers offices around the world. Please note that we do not deliver on Saturday unless, that option is specially requested on your order and there is an extra charge for Saturday Federal Express delivery.

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