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Dodgers World Series Tickets

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Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Tickets

Tensions tighten this season as the Dodgers blitzed past the Cubs in their first three Division Series games. It was just a matter of waiting to see which other teams would fare well to know who the Dodgers would face off against in the Championship Series. The games start officially in three days for the Dodgers, where they will play their first game in a Championship series against the Phillies since 1983

For the Dodgers, 2008 was an unpredictable year. Dodgers fans, players, coaches, owners, managers alike could only guess what was in store. When Dodgers owner brought on Yankees tenure Joe Torre to manage the team, no one could predict the unity and confidence he would bring to the Dodgers team. By far not their best season, with only 84 wins to 78 losses during the regular season, the Dodgers made it into the Division Series with the highest number of losses in the American League.

Their first game against the Cubs in the Division Series, the Cubs were strongly favored over the Dodgers based on their 2008 season stats of having 97 wins and only 64 losses. That favoritism did not last long as the Dodgers crushed the men in gray and blue in a 7-2 bashing. And the fan attendance proved the newly revived surge of faith in their home team as the Dodgers stadium went from 42,000 the first game of the Division Series, to 56,000 by what was to be their final game of the Division Series. That game could not have been more exciting for Dodgers fans after Dodgers hitter James Loney hit a grand slam in the fifth inning. After that, the Cubs didn't make a single run. It didn't help (well, it helped the Dodgers!) that Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster walked seven Dodgers off the plate that night.

In game two of the Division Series, it seemed the Cubs curse was back in full swing as five Dodgers stole home base due to four infield errors by the Cubs. Even though the Cubs hosted the Dodgers, they still could not change the hitting expertise of Dodgers mid-season trade-on, Manny Ramirez, as he scored yet another home run, making that the second home run of his Division Series games.

And game three of the Division Series for the Dodgers was flawless. The Dodgers Hiroki Kuroda managed to stave off any runs for the duration of his time in the game. Finally, after 6 1/3 flawlessly pitched innings, Dodgers relief pitchers Corey Wade and Jonathan Broxton took over and held fast with respectable throws.

So here the Dodgers are, now considered a league favorite, no one can know what to expect when they take it to the field with the Phillies. Like the Dodgers, the Phillies also have strong pitchers this year. However, unlike the Dodgers, they did not make a killing in the Division Series. In fact, one game was tied, one game they won by two, one game they lost by two, and in one freakish event against the Brewers, they won by six. So in comparison to the Dodgers, their season has seemed much more challenging, not as solid, and they definitely aren't favored against the Dodgers.

So we take a breather for a few days as other teams finish up with their Division Series games, and Dodgers fans almost smugly purchase season tickets if they can to the Dodger Stadium, ready to throw down thousands of dollars on what they are sure will be the Dodgers going the distance this year, making it all the way to the coveted World Series.

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