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Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Philadelphia Phillies Playoff Tickets

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L.A. Dodgers vs. Philadelphia Phillies Playoff Tickets

Dodgers vs. Phillies NLCS Game 3 Recap:

All Dodgers fans know that Game Three against the Phillies was history in the making. That game was not the right place for Phillies fans.  A friend of mine with a license plate saying Filly's, as in the horses, didn't realize the peril he threw himself into by driving onto the Dodger Stadium parking lot with those plates on as Dodgers fans thought it stood for the Philadelphia Phillies. 

For twenty years the World Series has repeatedly gone on to other teams.  This year the Dodgers were the Division Series Champions in the World Series games.   The first two games away from Dodgers Stadium were terrible.  Perhaps it was the absence of Los Angeles Dodgers fans, or the presence of DODGERS VS. PHILLIES headlines' smearing every newspaper.  But either way, Game Three of the 2008 League Championships against the Phillies was a defining Dodgers moment.  All hats and helmets- and even some gloves, came off when, in retaliation to hitting Dodgers catcher Russell Martin being hit in the leg when he was at-bat, Dodger's pitcher Hiroki Kuroda launched a 94 mph fastball at Phillies outfielder, Hawaiin native Shane Victorino's head.  Dodgers and Phillies players and coaches alike rushed to the field in what most thought for sure would be an all-out Dodgers-Phillies brawl.  Coaches and umps stepped in, keeping the players off of each other.

Dodgers would remember Kuroda not for his pitching that night, but for the baseball fire he ignited on the Dodgers field that night. It was revenge for Game Two of the League Championships, for the way Phillies pitcher Brett Meyers did the Dodgers wrong.  In the end, all the heated emotions didn't matter.  With another record-breaking attendance, this time at 56,800 fans, furiously waving their dodgers rags, fans watched the ninth inning come and go with the Dodgers once again, Number One.


Dodgers vs. Phillies NLCS Game 2 Recap:

October 10 th brought game two of the National League Champion Series with the Dodgers down, 0-1. And unfortunately for the Dodgers game 2 did not tie up the series. The Phillies now find themselves leading the series 2-0 as the head to Dodger Stadium for game three on Sunday night.

Despite Manny Ramierz's three run homer, the Phillies hit off Chad Billingsley for eight runs in just over two innings. But Manager Joe Torre didn't move and kept Billingsley in. He didn't call for anyone to warm up in the bullpen during a four-run second inning which included five consecutive two-out hits or when Billingsley intentionally walked Greg Dobbs to load the bases in the third. It wasn't until the 24-year-old starter gave up his second hit to pitcher Brett Myers, this one a two-run, third-inning single that blew open Game 2 that Torre took Billingsley out. But by that time the Phillies were well on their way to an 8-5 victory Friday night at Citizens Bank Park . The loss sent the Dodgers back to Los Angeles with a 0-2 series score against an already emotionally charged team who learned Friday that the mother of Manager Charlie Manuel and the grandmother of center fielder Shane Victorino had died.

Despite the fact that Billingsley was charged with a career-high eight runs in 2 1/3 innings, Torre denied that he kept him in the game for too long. Torre said that "Billingsley has been too much to this club to take him out in a situation where he's done well." By the third inning, the Dodgers were down 8-2. Manny Ramierz made some ground in the fourth when he hit a three-run home run over the left field wall to make the game 8-5. Casey Blake almost tied the game up if it hadn't been for a leaping catch by Shane Victorino at the center field wall with two outs and two on base.

But the drive, much like the Dodgers, fell short. They now they face some difficult odds in the series because since 1985, when the league championship series became best-of-seven, only three teams have overcome a 2-0 deficit to win. However, in August the Dodgers did sweep the Phillies for four games at Dodger Stadium so it may be too early to count out the Dodgers. Jeff Kent, a third-inning defensive replacement who played the rest of the game at second base said, "I think one good thing about our team is that we don't get too far ahead of ourselves. We're a younger team and sometimes younger teams don't get caught up in history because they don't really have history, which can help." The Dodgers will use try to use this to their advantage in game three at Dodger Stadium, Sunday night.


Dodgers vs. Phillies NLCS Game 1 Recap:

Game one of the National League Championship Series took place at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia on October 10 th . For five innings, the famously loud Philly fans sat quiet, wringing on their rally towels, and silently cursing Manny Ramirez.

When Ramierz walked up to the plate in the first inning, he was received with boos from the crowd. He instantly silenced them when he slammed Hamels pitch deep in center field, where it bounced off the wall above the 409-foot sign, and just barely missed a home run. It was enough to give the Dodgers a 1-0 lead. With Ramirez's drive first inning and Blake DeWitt's sacrifice fly off Cole Hamels, the Dodgers pushed it to 2-0 in the fourth. Hamels, who had admitted to some early jitters, pitched seven innings, allowing six hits. He struck out eight and walked two. Ryan Madson pitched in the eighth.

Dodger starter Derek Lowe was able to stifle the Phillies on four hits through five innings when shortstop Rafael Furcal made a two base throwing error to start the bottom of the sixth. The game took a turn in the sixth when Chase Utley hit a two run homer that tied the game and then Pat Burrell knocked in another run to put Philadelphia in the lead. Chase Utley, who had batted only .133 in the division series, slammed Lowe's first pitch deep into the right-field seats to tie it up, 2-2. Utley was resolute to advance the runner to third, and he did that and more. "No matter what, I was getting him over to third base," Utley stated. Two batters later, Pat Burrell slammed a homer into the left-field bleachers, which ended Lowe's night and brought 46,000 fans back to life. Until the sixth, Lowe had been able to stave of the Phillies power hitters with his infamous sinker. In one at-bat against home run king Ryan Howard, he threw six sinkers in a row and Ryan remained hitless in four trips to the plate. Both Utley and Burrell each singled in his first at-bat, then struck out the next time up. But they made up for that in the sixth.

By the time Lidge came on to close it out with a perfect ninth, everyone was on their feet. "It felt awesome," Lidge said, "There was a lot of electricity out there. The fans were amazing tonight. When they started getting going, there was a lot of adrenaline."

After that, there was no quieting the nearly 46,000 fans who rarely sat down after that to watch the Phillies end the game in a 3-2 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Dodgers vs. Phillies NLCS Series Preview:

It has been twenty-five years since the Dodgers and the Phillies went head to head in a fight in the National League Championship. The last time we saw a competition like this for the Dodgers was the year I was born. These upcoming few weeks, for me and most of my fellow Dodgers compatriots will be a first for us. We've heard of the Dodgers vs. Phillies in a National League Championship. We've been told of the year the Dodgers lost to the Phillies in a 3-1 battle. How close the Dodgers had been that year to a World Series title. And how the last time the Phillies won a World Series was three years before that in 1980. So we fast forward 25 years into what will be a true Dodgers Mania.

There are four confirmed games between the Dodgers and the Phillies, with the Philadelphia Phillies hosting on October 9th and 10 th , and the Dodgers hosting October 12 th and 13 th . Given the overflowing staadium seats at their final game of the Division Series, you can bet that tickets to next weeks games will be a scarce commodity. The Dodgers stole the Division Series against the Cubs, sweeping the first three of five games, giving the Dodgers some extra rest time to gear up for the League Championships by not needing to play all five games. The Dodgers must win four out of seven League Championship games to move forward to the World Series. While the Phillies did not sweep the Milwaukee Brewers in the same manner, they still took four out of five games, giving the Dodgers some tough competition, and giving Dodgers fans something to fight about.

The Dodgers are strong this year. Midway through the season, the Dodgers owner traded three players for Manny Ramirez. Aside from the flawless hitting skills of the new Dodgers addition, much of this years' Dodgers success is credited to former Yankee tenure Joe Torre. In interviews, the Dodgers have said of Torre that he has helped them feel united as a team, that he has cooled the egos of many Dodgers youths, and instilled a confidence in the Dodgers overall.

The Dodgers this year are strong across the board. With some of the best pitchers in the Major League Baseball, the Dodgers will do well against th e Phillies. In spite of Torre's decision to rest Dodgers star pitcher Chan Ho Park, filler Hiroki Kuroda is pitching wonders. The last game the Dodgers played, not one Cub made it past Kuroda. It was after the relief pitchers came in that one run slipped by.

The Dodgers will have their work cut out for them against the Phillies. Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels will certainly give Dodgers star hitter Manny Ramirez something to think about. In their first game of the Division series he struck out nine batters for a total of eight lock-out innings. Yes the Dodgers hitters like Andre Ethier will be challenged at the plate. In their second game of the Division Series this year Phillies pitcher Bret Meyers was something to talk about as well, who even though he let two runs in, he still struck out four and walked three. Will he be one more pitcher to fall victim to walking the Dodgers home-run hitter like the Cubs did? Or can they face the Dodgers and give Dodgers fans their moneys worth?

So it comes down to this phenomenal time in Baseball history where the Dodgers go head to head with the Phillies. Dodgers with their All-Star pitchers, number one hitter in the league right now, and brand new manager, or will it be the Phillies, who last won in 1993, only fifteen years ago versus the Dodgers twenty year lapse, but who also have their crew of fast pitchers and wicked aim. It all unfolds six days from now at the notorious Dodgers Stadium. Mano a mano, the Dodgers will begin the first of seven games. Hopefully the Dodgers only need to play four!

Dodgers Player Profile: Manny Ramirez

One of the biggest events this year in baseball was the trade of Manny Ramírez to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Manny Ramirez, originally from the Dominican Republic , is a nine-time Silver Slugger and is one of only twenty four people to have hit over 500 career home runs. In addition, he has the most career grand slams of any current player and is only second after Lou Gehrig. Ramirez led the American League in three key batting categories: batting average, home runs and runs batted in. He also is a twelve-time All-Star and in 2004 he was named the Most Valuable Player of the World Series after he helped the Boston Red Sox win their first World Series championship in 86 years.

Ramirez had been with the Boston Red Sox since 2001 through 2008. On April 22, 2007, Ramirez was the first of four Red Sox batters to hit a homer in consecutive at bats in a game against the Yankees, which tied a league record. Incidentally, all of the home runs were against Chase Wright. Then on April 29, Ramirez became the fifth player to hit 50 career home runs against the New York Yankees.

Manny Ramirez was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers on July 31, 2008, in a three-way deal. He has always worn the uniform number 24 but the Dodgers had retired that number in honor of Hall of Famer manager Walter Alston. Ramirez then settled on number 99. He has been given credit for re-energizing the Los Angeles fans and also sparked a brief offensive surge. In recognition of his outstanding performance he was named the National League Player of the Month for August. In August alone he had hit seven doubles, nine home runs, 25 RBIs and 21 runs scored. And now Manny Ramierz and the Dodgers advance to the National League Division Series where they will face off against the Chicago Cubs.

With the final game of the 2008 Major League Baseball season officially concluding last Sunday, October is always the most thrilling month of the year for intransigent baseball fanatics. And for the Los Angeles Dodgers, October means crunch time. Currently a league favorite, they have to first muscle their way through six games of the division series then, on October 9, they will battle it out, if all goes according to plan, in the League Championships, all in the name of earning a chance to compete in the World Series, the big day we all wait for each year, which kicks off on October 22.

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