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Dodgers vs. Cubs Playoff Tickets

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  • Dodgers vs. Cubs Playoff Tickets

    Dodgers vs. Cubs Game Playoff Series Recap
    A Fan's Perspective:

    It's baseball, part of the soil here if you will. I had never understood the magic behind the bright red, diamond field, cut by neon green grass. The concept of roasted peanuts and well oiled mitts somewhat evaded me for most of my life. Then Manny Ramirez came onto the Dodgers. And Joe Torre took over a team that hadn't won the World Series in twenty years. And the Red Sox were bitterly regretting their decision to let go of baseball's number one, notorious for refusing to cut his dreaded mane (no pun!). With so many firsts in Dodgers history: the highest fan attendance to date, the most amount of Asian players in the league- the Dodgers have five right now, one of whom, Chan Ho Park, inducted into the Hall of Fame for being the fourth player ever to start against all thirty MLB teams. And suddenly it dawned on me- baseball is awesome. Quite possibly the best sport ever thought of- and it is ours.

    As I watched the minutes tick by while I joined in with the thousands of other Dodgers fans honking in their cars still waiting to get inside the Elysian Stadium, I felt camaraderie. And you could see the Dodgers stadium lights over head, and you could hear the crowd going wild. Scrambling to find that AM station that would tell me, I knew it was something good for the Dodgers. I could tell by the eruption of white and blue Dodgers flags cutting furiously through the Los Angeles night air.

    Finally parked, we were practically running to get through security, grab a dodger dog (for some reason, a high priority), and find our seats. And like a whirlwind, the stress of missing the first three innings of a Dodgers League Division game melted away as I took in the shining field below me. The Dodgers were up by two, both scored in the first inning.

    I scanned the Dodgers field, assessing the Cubs in their blue and black uniforms, which seemed so dark in comparison to the spotless white of the Dodgers. Which Dodgers player was at bat, I had to know. Was it Manny? No, it was Dodgers twenty-six year old left-handed hitter Andre Ethier. A very solid and steady Dodgers hitter this season, I knew the Cubs couldn't try to walk him as they'd have to save that silver bullet for Mr. Ramirez.

    Sitting in Seat 28 O, we were so close to the Cubs dug-out I felt like I could read from their lips the conversations they were having. I was awe-struck. Here, less than twenty feet away from me, was a team that for exactly 100 years could not win a World Series in MLB. What was their curse? As a recent baseball fan convert, and someone whose Dodgers allegiance is unquestionable, I still gazed into their dug-out and felt their hunger, and the hopelessness as the Dodgers executed every play like a well-oiled machine. They suddenly seemed so alone in the pit, in a stadium filled with 56,000 Dodgers fans, a stadium that was only ever intended to hold 53,000, very few of which were not there for the Dodgers. And I looked around from one valiant non-Dodgers fan to another, scattered, but still loyal, still hopeful.

    Anger surged in my throat as the Cubs pitcher walked Manny twice in a row. I came to see the Dodgers legend hit that ball out of the field. I felt ripped off. It was exhilarating when finally they could not justify walking Manny one more time, and even though his ball was caught, the crack of the bat making contact with that little leather ball and the rush of watching it soar through the air was all I needed.

    In the end the Dodgers blew the Cubs back to their windy city in a 3-1 sweep. I felt that I had won the game myself; I was elated. Iit is official for the Cubs that losing to the Dodgers now makes this their 101 st year of not taking home a World Series title. And on this note, may the Dodgers trump the 2008 World Series!

    Dodgers vs. Cubs Game 2 Recap:

    The Dodgers are now leading the series 2-0 as they defeat the Cubs 10-3. It looks as if the Dodgers could possibly shake the Cubs off of the playoffs which would extend the Cubs' championship drought to 100 years. Manny Ramirez hit a massive home run , Russell Martin had a three-run double and the Dodgers took advantage of the Cubs' four errors to win with a 10-3 victory Thursday night, October rd , that gave the Dodgers a 2-0 lead in the best of five National League division series.

    For the Cubs to stop the Dodgers from running away with the series they will have to return to their former self - a team that won 97 games this season whose 97-64 record was the best in the NL this season. Each infielder made an error and the Dodgers scored four unearned runs in the second inning which pushed the score to 5-0. Manager Lou Piniella said that, "It wasn't good baseball. In fact, the last two days, that's probably been the two worst games we've played all year." Only one team has come back to win after losing the first two games and that was the 2001 New York Yankees against Oakland . In the second inning, the Dodgers capitalized on errors by Mark DeRosa and Derrek Lee to take a 5-0 lead after Russell Martin hit a three-run double to center field. Each one of the Cubs' four infielders made an error in the game.

    Manny Ramirez added his second homer in as many games, which extended his postseason record to 26 home runs. Chad Billingsley pitched 6 2/3 innings and gave up a run on five hits while striking out seven and walking only one. The Dodgers got runs in the seventh, eighth and ninth innings which extended the lead to 10-1 before the Cubs added two runs in their last at-bat to complete the scoring of 10-3.

    For game three, the teams will go to Dodger Stadium on Saturday night. To get back to Wrigley Field, the Cubs will need to win the next two games.


    2008 Dodgers:

    As the 50th anniversary of the Los Angeles Dodgers began, new coach Joe Torre found himself with a whole new team which included new players Andruw Jones and Japanese pitcher Hiroki Kuroda. In addition, third basemen Nomar Garciaparra and Andy LaRoche were out due to injuries which left rookie Blake DeWitt as the third-base candidate. The team suffered another blow when Rafael Furcal was injured. To help strengthen a lineup of many young players, trades were made for shortstop Angel Berroa, third baseman Casey Blake, and then on July 31, 2008 the Los Angeles Dodgers acquired outfielder Manny Ramirez from the Boston Red Sox. For most of the season, the team had hovered around a .500 record. After playing catch up for more than 140 games the Dodgers swept the Arizona Diamondbacks to take first place in the last series of the season. Despite enduring many injuries throughout the season, the Dodgers managed to clinch the 2008 National League Western Division title on September 2 th . This will be the third time in five years that the Dodgers have reached the postseason.

    And who will be battling the Dodgers in the National League Division Series? It's the team with the 100 year itch - the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs finished the regular season at 97-64 and with their second straight NL Central title, will open the National League Division Series Wednesday, October 1st at Wrigley Field. Game 3 will be held at Dodger Stadium on Saturday. This season the Dodgers went 2-5 against the Cubs, however that was before the Dodgers had Manny Ramirez

    The Cubs have been this years National League's best run-scoring lineup and there is remarkable lineup depth. The Cubs have power as well as one of the most versatile and effective lineups within recent memory. One problem may be the fact that the Cubs are principally right-handed, and they will be going up against at least three right-handed starters - Derek Lowe, Hiroki Kuroda, and Chad Billingsley. However, a problem the Dodgers may face is the fact that their main players are young and have little post season experience. But the enormously experienced postseason presence of manager Joe Torre should help in this area. The Dodgers are definitely the underdogs in this match up so for them to win they will need their pitching staff to deliver.

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    Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Chicago Cubs Playoff Seating

    We have the seating chart for the Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium, please check with our Los Angeles Dodgers Playoff Tickets help line for more information on Dodgers vs. Cubs Playoff Tickets and Los Angeles Dodgers transportation and parking.

    We have it all: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Chicago Cubs Playoff Tickets has tickets for all Los Angeles Dodgers Events and Los Angeles Dodgers games. If you are looking for Los Angeles Dodgers stadium Seating Chart, Los Angeles Dodgers Address or Los Angeles Dodgers Directions you can find them here. Please feel free to email or call us with any questions you have about the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Chicago Cubs Playoff Tickets.

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