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Los Angeles Dodgers History

The Los Angeles Dodgers are known for making history. For the first 67 years of the teams' history, they were actually known as the Brooklyn Dodgers, and some east-coast fans are so dedicated and impassioned they refuse to acknowledge the Los Angeles Dodgers as anything but the Brooklyn Dodgers, and to this day still insist they move back East! .

Los Angeles Dodgers History

The Dodgers have had some incredible breakthroughs, both in sports and politically. In 1947, on April 15 th , the Dodgers brought on the first African American player ever to play on a Major League Baseball team, Jackie Robinson. Due to his arrival, because of segregation laws, the Dodgers relocated their entire spring training facility temporarily from Jacksonville Florida to Daytona Beach . Eventually the Dodgers moved to Vero Beach , where in spite of their move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 1958, it has remained their spring training facility since, and is also named in honor of Jackie Robinson.

After real-estate mogul Walter O'Malley owned the majority of the Dodgers, he searched for several years trying to find the right location to build his team a new home. But he simply wasn't satisfied with what was available in and near Brooklyn . So, with the increase in travel by plan rather than train, and with teams not having so much time between games, they could be located further apart on the grid, i.e. California .

The Los Angeles Dodgers first game took place at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on April 18, 1958 before stands filled with 78, 672 fans, their Los Angeles warm welcome was official. And, they beat the San Francisco Giants to boot! Just four years after their move to Los Angeles , the Los Angeles Dodgers played in their brand new home, the Dodger Stadium.

Today Dodger Stadium remains one of the most reputable and highly-regarded stadiums in the country. It is known for having full-view of the field from every seat, as well as having a clean and simple field that is picturesque as the background is lined with palm trees. And if you're lucky enough to catch a game on a cool summer night, the palm trees standing in the pink glow of the classic California sunset.

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