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Keller Auditorium TicketsWe carry Keller Auditorium Portland Tickets to all the upcoming events. visit our website to view the available tickets for the Keller Auditorium Portland. If there is Keller Auditorium Portland Tickets available, you have to order the tickets as soon as possible. We have been selling Keller Auditorium Portland Tickets since 1988 and we are registered with the NATB and BBB.


How do I Purchase Keller Auditorium show tickets?
To buy Keller Auditorium Portland Tickets, Click on the link above. Ordering Keller Auditorium Portland Tickets today will insure you a place in the Keller Auditorium Portland seating area of your choice. To order Keller Auditorium Tickets securely online basically click the " Keller Auditorium Events " link above.




How do I get my Keller Auditorium Portland Tickets?
All of our Keller Auditorium Portland Tickets are either shipped via Federal Express or available for pick up at one of our four Los Angeles offices. Please note that we do not deliver on Saturday unless, that option is specially requested on your Keller Auditorium Tickets order.

Keller Auditorium Address:
222 South West Clay
Portland, OR 97201

Keller Auditorium Seating ChartKeller Auditorium Seating Chart:
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Feel free to call us regarding any questions you have about your tickets or regarding our Seating chart Information.


IKeller Auditorium in Portland, Oregon - Facts and Information:

In the heart of the ever-growing Pacific Northwest city of Portland, Oregon sits one of the nations oldest and most memorable art venues, the Keller Auditorium. Originally built in 1917, and formerly known as the Civic Auditorium, the Keller was given a complete facelift in 1968, and has held strong and long ever since, housing some of the most popular events, ballet, operas, and not to mention some of the most classis Broadway productions known to man including Wicked at the Keller Auditorium in 2009.

With a priceless central location on 222 SW Clay in Portland, there is no doubt that the Keller Auditorium captures the beauty and originality that Portland, Oregon never fails to keep up. Known to many as the big city with the small town feel, Portland definitely has a uniqueness about it that isn't found often enough in most cities. From the beautiful green scenery all over, the unpretentious and happy people around the city, and not to mention the little known fact that Oregon doesn't have sales taxes, what is not to love about this city? Lewis and Clark definitely struck gold when they discovered Portland in 1806, and art lovers everywhere have been rejoicing and singing praises of all that this city has to offer ever since.

As well and many independent venues for the strong local music scene, Portland can boast of hosting some of the most memorable acts known to Broadway at the Keller Auditorium. With a seating capacity of almost three thousand, it is not too much but just enough to give you the real deal true Broadway feeling, and with an infrared listening system, fully ADA compliant, and numerous areas of wheelchair seating, the Keller Auditorium in Portland, Oregon can be a place for any and all to enjoy the breathtaking experiences of opera, ballet, theater, and all that graces the stage of this historic building and center for the arts.

When you enter the Keller Auditorium, there is an endless amount of living memories that seep through the beautiful walls and into you from the Portland Opera nights, or maybe from the Oregon Ballet Theater, or could it be the Oregon Children's Theatre that will touch your heart? The possibilities are endless and the memories are forever when it comes to any experience at the Keller Auditorium and Portland, Oregon alike.

Current and Past Shows at the Keller Auditorium in Portland.

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