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Event Date Venue Availabilty
2015 NFL Pro Bowl
January 25, 2015
Sunday - 5:00 PM
University of Phoenix Stadium
Phoenix, AZ

The NFL Pro Bowl is very famous among the American football fans. It has become widely known in many places of the world because of the outstanding excitement that it brings for many years now. The NFL Pro Bowl is one of the most watched games in the United States and around the world. It is one of those games in the National Football League which is widely appreciated because of the great style of plays that one wouldn’t normally see in an ordinary football game. The Pro Bowl is the all-star game of the National Football League, wherein elite players of the American Football Conference, or simply AFC, is competing against the elite players of the National Football Conference, or simply NFC, to become pro bowl champions. The game is usually played after the end of each season. The game is held at the NFL Pro Bowl home stadium which is located in Honolulu, Hawaii -- the Aloha Stadium.

The large and magnificent venue of NFL Pro Bowl was exactly located at 99-500 Salt Lake Blvd Area, HI 96701. It is one of the most visited places in the United States, because of the many entertaining sports shows that it has been hosting for many years. The Aloha Stadium was opened on September 12, 1975. It became a home for the NFL Pro Bowl in the year 1980. Along with the NFL Pro Bowl, the Aloha Stadium has also become a home for great teams such as the Hawaii Islanders (minor league baseball team, based in Honolulu, Hawaii), Hawaii Warriors (NCAA), and Team Hawaii (North American Soccer League team). It also became a home for many football games, such as Hula Bowl (college football game held each year in Hawaii), Aloha Bowl (National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I-A college football bowl game), Oahu Bowl (Division I-A college football bowl game), and Hawaii Bowl (National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I-A college football bowl game). The Aloha Stadium has a seating capacity that can accommodate a large number of 50,000 spectators who want to watch the NFL Pro Bowl live in action. It is currently owned by the State of Hawaii and operated by Stadium Authority, State of Hawaii. It was said to have a construction cost of $37 million USD. It was designed by the well known architects of The Luckman Partnership, Inc. The Aloha Stadium is truly one of the outstanding and most entertaining stadiums in the United States today. Along with the relaxing and comfortable seats that it offers, the Aloha Stadium also offers NFL Pro Bowl tickets for the National Football Leagues' avid fans and supporters. Visitors and fans who want to experience the NFL Pro Bowl game live can get their tickets at the outlet located in the Aloha Stadium or you can get your NFL Pro Bowl tickets online at /.

The history of NFL Pro Bowl started after the end of the 1938 season. In January 1939, a postseason All-Star game between the new league champion and a team of professional all-stars was added to the NFL schedule. Because of World War II, the game was moved to New York City. In the year 1951, NFL revived the game by means of a contest between conference all-star teams, such as the American team and the National team. However, in the year 1954-1970, the game was changed and became a game between Eastern and Western football stars. Finally, in the year 1971, after the merging of AFL-NFL, the American Football Conference vs. National Football Conference game began. The players of the Pro Bowl were voted by coaches, players, and fans. Players who are joining the Pro Bowl are considered to be competitive and elite, because of the votes that tell them how really famous they are. That is why each player of the NFL Pro Bowl is taking the game seriously, even if it does not affect his statistics and records, in order not to disappoint the fans, teammates, and coaches who voted for him. The Most Valuable Player award in the NFL Pro Bowl is considered as a big achievement for the player. It is because of the reason that against all the elite and talented players in the National Football league, the MVP stands out and proves to everyone that he is the best among the best. Watching the Pro Bowl of the National Football League is really very exciting. Hard action and entertaining plays are expected each game.

The following are the Most Valuable Players of NFL Pro Bowl is throughout the period of 1951-70, before the AFC-NFC Pro Bowls:

• Otto Graham
• Dan Towler
• Don Doll
• Chuck Bednarik
• Billy Wilson
• Ollie Matson
• Bert Rechichar
• Ernie Stautner
• Hugh McElhenny
• Gene Brito
• Frank Gifford
• Doug Atkins
• Johnny Unitas
• Sam Huff
• Jim Brown
• Henry Jordan
• Jim Brown
• Eugene "Big Daddy" Lipscomb
• Gino Marchetti
• Fran Tarkenton
• Terry Barr
• Jim Brown
• Dale Meinhart
• Gale Sayers
• Floyd Peters
• Dave Robinson
• Roman Gabriel
• Merlin Olsen
• George Andrie

The following are the Most Valuable Players of AFC-NFC Pro Bowls throughout the period of 1971-2007.

• Mel Renfro
• Fred Carr
• Jan Stenerud
• Willie Lanier
• O.J. Simpson
• Garo Yepremian
• James Harris
• Billy Johnson
• Mel Blount
• Walter Payton
• Ahmad Rashad
• Chuck Muncie
• Eddie Murray
• Kellen Winslow
• Lee Roy Selmon
• Dan Fouts
• John Jefferson
• Joe Theismann
• Mark Gastineau
• Phil Simms
• Reggie White
• Bruce Smith
• Randall Cunningham
• Jerry Gray
• Jim Kelly
• Michael Irvin
• Steve Tasker
• Andre Rison
• Marshall Faulk
• Jerry Rice, 49ers
• Mark Brunell
• Warren Moon
• Ty Law, Patriots
• Keyshawn Johnson
• Randy Moss, Vikings
• Rich Gannon, Raiders
• Rich Gannon, Raiders
• Ricky Williams
• Marc Bulger
• Peyton Manning
• Derrick Brooks
• Carson Palmer

The NFL Pro Bowl is one of the great and truly spectacular games in the National Football League today. If you want to experience the thrilling live game of NFL Pro Bowl, come and purchase NFL Pro Bowl Tickets today!!!

Pro Bowl History
The Pro Bowl is the National Football League's All-Star Pro Bowl. The Pro Ball game is the last game of the season. It is officially called the AFC-NFC Pro Bowl. The game is played at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii since February 1980. Basically, it is a postseason All-Star game between the new league champions and a team of professional all-stars. The Pro Bowl was added to the NFL in January 1939. An all-NFL All-Star team provided the opposition over the next four seasons, but the event was cancelled after at the 1942 season.

The NFL rejuvenated the game in January 1951. It was a contest between conference all star teams: American vs. National, Eastern vs. Western and AFC vs. NFC. After the AFL-NFL merged in 1970, the name of the NFL's all-star game was changed to the AFC-NFC Pro Bowl. Since the merger, the coaches of the teams that lost on the AFC and NFC championship games have been selected as the coaches for the respective Pro Bowl squads, a compromise that arose from the decision to discontinue the Playoff Bowl, which had it been retained, would have matched up the two teams that lost the conference title games. The first Most Valuable Player award on the Pro Bowl was presented in 1951. From 1957 to 1971, two awards were presented to an offensive back and a defensive lineman. In 1972, there were awards for both an offensive player and a defensive player. Since 1973, there's been only one single MVP award.

Pro Bowl Game Info
The original Pro Bowl game, on Jan. 15, 1939, pitted the National Football League champions against a team of all stars from the rest of the league. In 1940 and 1942, there were two games, the first in January against the previous year's champion, the second on December against the newly-crowned NFL champion. That Pro Bowl series was discontinued in 1943. The idea was revived in 1951 with a game between all-star teams from the American and of course National Football Conferences. From 1954 through 1970, the teams represented the NFL's Eastern and of course Western Conferences. Since the merger of the American Football League into the NFL, the Pro Bowl againwas played by all-star teams from the American and of course National Football Conferences. The Pro Bowl game was formerly rotated among NFL stadiums, but since 1980 the pro bowl has been played at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu. The Pro Bowl's Most Valuable Player Award was first presented on 1951. From 1957 through 1971, two awards were presented, to a back and lineman. In 1972, awards were given for an offensive player and a defensive player. Since 1973, there's been a single MVP award.

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