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Pepsi 400 Tickets

When ordering Pepsi 400 Tickets from us, you will be taken to our Pepsi 400 Tickets page. Then you can choose which Pepsi 400 NASCAR game you would like to buy. All of our Pepsi 400 Tickets are shipped via Federal Express. Please be aware that we do not deliver any Tickets on Saturday unless, that option is particularly requested on your order. Click On the bottom link to start your Pepsi 400 ordering process.



A Brief Information about Pepsi 400 NASCAR Racing

Before the Pepsi 400, Tony Stewart made headlines for all the wrong reasons. The media and fellow drivers were criticizing Tony Stewart for his aggressive driving and attitude and it didn't help with Tony Stewart's reactions to their comments. He also injured his shoulder in a NASCAR Busch Series race.

His slump is over though, his shoulder is fine and his fence-climbing is as good as ever.

His moves in a mosh pit leave something to be desired.

Stewart was back to his on-track dominance and off-track hijinks, winning at Daytona International Speedway by charging to the lead with two laps to go at the last Pepsi 400. He then celebrated with his trademark climbing of the fence, but made the mistake of jumping into the crowd, where he found himself overwhelmed by rowdy fans.

He had to be rescued by his crew and several NASCAR officials, who cleared a path through the mob for the beloved NASCAR champion.

"I made the mistake of going down the ladder," he said. "I thought there was a gate there. I didn't find the gate and was in the mosh pit for a while."

But Stewart, who started climbing fences with this race last year, wasn't going to disappoint the expectant crowd.

"There was no way I was going to let those race fans down," he said. "It started here... I was either going to get all the way up or I was going to fall off and fall on my butt. But I wasn't going to stop."

.The Pepsi 400 is the current name for the 400-mile NASCAR Nextel Cup stock car race held on the July 4th weekend at Daytona International Speedway. This 160-lap event was developed to make a second major Cup-level racing event for Daytona that would not detract from the legendary nature of the Daytona 500.

Since 1998, it has been held at night by employing a lighting system using parabolic reflectors, which allow very intense lighting to be focused on the track in an indirect manner without being directly in the drivers' eyes, which obviously would create a very unsafe situation.

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