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Lakers vs Thunder Tickets

 Lakers vs Thunder Tickets

Purchase Guaranteed Authentic Lakers vs Thunder Tickets with No Service Fees on any tickets. Barry's Tickets is located next to the Staples Center and has been selling LA Lakers Tickets since 1985.



Interactive Lakers Seating Chart

Lakers Seating Chart Staples Center
Choose by View from Seats, Compare Seats, Sort by Price and buy with our interactive Lakers Seating Chart.

LA Lakers vs Thunder Tickets

•  Online: You can choose your Lakers vs Thunder Tickets via our Interactive Lakers Staples Center Seating Chart View by choosing our view from seats function, compare seats and views from multiple sections, view tickets from different zones of the Staples Center or compare by different prices. Once you select your tickets use our secure one step checkout and choose E-Download, Fed Ex or Pick Up Your LA Lakers Tickets at our office.

• Call us: Barry's Tickets is open from 9am - 9pm Seven Days a week 365 days a year and you can call 866 708 8499 and order Lakers vs Thunder Tickets over the phone even or ask a question regarding tickets you're viewing on our site. If you order tickets over the phone you can still E-Download them, Fed Ex them or pick up your tickets from our office even minutes before game time.

• Walk In - Barry's Tickets office is located inside the Luxe Hotel caddy-corner from the Staples Center. You can walk in and purchase Los Angeles Lakers tickets even up till or after the game starts depending on ticket availability. You can also pick up tickets from any one of our other offices as well.

If you already purchased tickets online or by phone our office next to the Staples Center is an easy and convenient way to pick up tickets. We are happy to print your tickets out for you if you purchased tickets from us.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Oklahoma City Thunder

One of the most anticipated matchups this season will be the OKC Thunder Lakers at the Staples Center. The KD and the Thunder will come to the Staples Center twice this season with the first meeting Dec 19th Friday night at 7:30pm then again Sunday March 1st 12:30. The Lakers will head to OKC on March 25th.

Both teams met in 2013-14 season with the Lakers only win coming at the Staples Center on March 9th 2014 where Joie Meeks had a 42 point night with 4 steals and 2 assists.

The Thunder are a championship contender in the western conference led by stars Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Serge Ibaka, with a supporting cast of Reggie Jackson, Kendrick Perkins who they got from the Celtics, Jeremy Lamb who they got from the Rockets, Nick Collison, and Steven Adams under 2010 coach of the year Scott Brooks.

The matchup to watch is the matchup of Kobe Bryant vs Kevin Durant who are 2 of the best players in the game.

Barry's Ticket Office is located caddy-corner from the Staples Center inside the Luxe Hotel.
LA Lakers vs Thunder Tickets
Barry's Tickets physically stocks the largest assortment of secondary market Lakers vs Thunder Tickets at the Staples Center anywhere and offers tickets to match all budgets including Lakers Courtside Tickets, Suite Level, Lower Level, Premiers, 200 and 300 level tickets as well as Parking for all games at the Staples Center all with No Service Fees!

Barry's Tickets Lakers vs Thunder Tickets
1020 S. Figueroa Los Angeles,CA 90015 Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 213-749-0057

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