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Coldplay Tickets

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Coldplay a great band among bands
The music industry has not always been so kind to bands. They suddenly shoot themselves to fame, and then the eventually vanish from the picture. Only a chosen few are able to last without ever disbanding and some are very notable.

Coldplay TicketsOne of the chosen few is Coldplay. They are a British band formed in 1996, and they are still together until now with fans from all over the world.

This sustenance that Coldplay has been experiencing can attributed to the way they try to change things up every once in a while, and in spite it has been purely rock, the incorporation of pop or a mellow feel to the songs that they release makes all the more appealing to different music lovers. Sometimes, this can also cause a change in their demographics - some go, some stay, and sometimes, new kinds of people appeal to the new kind of music. However, there are some who are just true fans that they adapt with the changing styles that the band has gone through the years.

The kind of lyrics that they write has also been also been unique among the bands which are within their genre. According to some experts, and the front man himself, the lyrics that he write is a reflection of what he feels, and he spends time thinking about the as well. Unlike some of the one and done bands, this may have proven effective rather than some gibberish words that they come up just to finish a song.

In addition, the president of the band has mentioned that the key to their success is their confidence in trying out different things altogether. Unlike some of the bands that hail from the United Kingdom, they are not afraid to try something out of the box and that has worked wonderfully for them, and for those who follow the band.

Their most recent stint that involved both the fans and music is the iTunes Festival. This is a series of shows that features several famous artists in the music industry. Unlike usual music festivals, the one iTunes hosts only features a small crowd - a bit too intimate and small compared to the usual number of people that Coldplay plays to. However, in spite the small crowd, the iTunes festival still gathered a lot of viewers since it the performances were streamed live online where most of their viewers are, especially for those who cannot be at the actual venue because they are seas across.

This is just one of the many shows that iTunes will be hosting in the coming weeks, and look for Coldplay to be part of every single one of them.

What shocked die hard fans of Coldplay was the singing of four Coldplay songs which is not going to be released until the next album. This album is named Ghost Stories and is set to be released within this year.

The four songs featured in the iTunes Festival were Always in my Head, Paradise, Charlie Brown, and Clocks. Each of these songs features a unique sound and style that Coldplay has been known for over the years, and may have experimented with some as well.

For example, with this first show in the United States after 14 months, they eased into the atmosphere that surrounded them with the Always in My Head. With that, you can expect that this may be a light hearted song in terms of how it is played.

They went back to their roots, with this soaring anthem of their sing along. The crowd was also into the song as they joined the band in singing some parts of it.

Coldplay TicketsCharlie was played using the piano and no other person did other than the lead man of the band, Christ Martin. It was then followed by Clocks which left the crowd singing with the band once more in a performance that punctuated the night for Coldplay.

It was an 11 song set performance and the crowd was never been pleased as much as this band had. It was a combination of mellow, head banging rock, and some fans of the band in the United States may have felt nostalgia as well seeing their band for the first time live in the United States after 14 months of recording the album that they are set to release this year.

They gave the crowd a teaser as well with Another's Arms, which may have already been featured in one of their albums before and a guitar solo by Jonny Buckland. This may have left the fans spoiled for more, but if they gave more, there would be nothing more to be excited about Ghost Stories.

The band ended with Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall and Fix You in spite the wave of confetti washing over them.

Coldplay Tickets A secret show?
Coldplay Tickets for Los Angeles and their secret show when the Ghost Stories album is released is rumored to be happening before they actually go on tour a sort of tune up show. -Barry's Tickets


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