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San Francisco Concert, Sports and Theater Tickets

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Barry's Tickets works hard to bring you up-to-the-minute updates and tickets for San Francisco events, including sports, concerts, and theater tickets. We target the biggest cities to add our inventory and as such as bring you the very best of our handpicked San Francisco tickets that entertainment has to offer. San Francisco is known for its absolutely unique flavor of entertainment and locals and visitors alike flock to take advantage of its rich culture and history. As one of the major cities in California for touring, we work hard to bring the very best San Francisco Tickets for sports, concerts, and theater. Check out our inventory of San Francisco Tickets and gain access to the best places in the city to catch a game, show, or special event.


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San Francisco Sports Tickets

Barry's Tickets stocks all sporting events in San Francisco and the surrounding cities including 49ers tickets for all games at Levis Stadium, San Francisco Giants Tickets for the AT&T Park. You can purchase tickets to all Oakland Raiders games at Stadium as well as Athletics Tickets for their home games to. We stock all Sharks game tickets for the SAP Arena and Golden State Warriors Tickets for the Oracle Arena.

Rivalry games The NHL Stadium Series is coming to the Levi Stadium this February and if you haven't been to a outdoors hockey game now is your chance with the Western Conference rivals Sharks vs Kings playing in this year's Stadium Series.

No matter if its regular season or playoffs the Giants vs Dodgers at AT&T Park is always one of the best rivalries not only in the MLB but in all sports. The first meeting between the two teams goes back as far as May 3rd 1890 at Washington Park in Brooklyn New York.

One of the newest rivalries in the NBA is the Warriors vs Clippers which exploded during the 2013-14 NBA Western Conference first rounds with the Clippers edging out the warriors in the seven game series. The battle between Stephen Curry and Chris Paul is always a good one to watch.

The 49ers longest standing rival has always been the Dallas Cowboys but recently the 49ers vs Seahawks games have developed into one of the most intense current rivalries in the NFL.


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