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Cardinals Tickets Promo Codes 2015

St Louis Cardinals Tickets promo codes for 2015

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There is the 2015 St Louis Cardinals Promotional Giveaway Nights at Busch Stadium.

Busch Stadium Interactive Seating ChartMilwaukee Brewers at St Louis Cardinals  13-Apr 2015.
Opening Day!
2015 Cardinals Magnet Schedule Monday – 3:15 PM.

Milwaukee Brewers at St Louis Cardinals  16-Apr 2015.
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Cincinnati Reds at St Louis Cardinals  17-Apr 2015.
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Cincinnati Reds at St Louis Cardinals  18-Apr 2015
Yadier Molina Gold and Platinum Gloves Bobblehead Saturday – 1:15 PM

Cincinnati Reds at St Louis Cardinals  19-Apr 2015.
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Philadelphia Phillies at St Louis Cardinals  30-Apr 2015.
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Pittsburgh Pirates at St Louis Cardinals  1-May 2015.
Portable Phone Charger Friday – 7:15 PM

Pittsburgh Pirates at St Louis Cardinals  2-May 2015.
Adult Replica Matt Carpenter Batting Practice Jersey Saturday – 1:15 PM

Pittsburgh Pirates at St Louis Cardinals  3-May 2015.
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Detroit Tigers at St Louis Cardinals  15-May 2015
Adult Cardinals Pullover Friday – 7:15 PM

Detroit Tigers at St Louis Cardinals  16-May 2015.
Scarf Saturday – 1:15 PM

Detroit Tigers at St Louis Cardinals  17-May 2015.
Rawlings Matt Adams Bat Sunday – 7:05 PM

Arizona Diamondbacks at St Louis Cardinals  25-May 2015.
Replica 1985 National League Championship Ring Monday – 3:15 PM

Arizona Diamondbacks at St Louis Cardinals 26-May 2015.
Cardinals Poster Tuesday – 7:15 PM

Los Angeles Dodgers at St Louis Cardinals 29-May 2015
Whitey Herzog Garden Gnome Friday – 7:15 PM

Los Angeles Dodgers at St Louis Cardinals 30-May 2015.
Weekend Ozzie Smith Bobblehead Saturday – 6:15 PM

Los Angeles Dodgers at St Louis Cardinals 31-May 2015.
Sports Socks Sunday – 1:15 PM

Milwaukee Brewers at St Louis Cardinals  2-Jun 2015.
Tote Bag Tuesday – 7:15 PM

Milwaukee Brewers at St Louis Cardinals  3-Jun 2015.
Great Clips Haircuts Wednesday – 12:45 PM

Kansas City Royals at St Louis Cardinals  12-Jun 2015
1985 National League Championship Beer Stein Friday – 7:15 PM

Kansas City Royals at St Louis Cardinals 13-Jun 2015.
Purina Pooches in the Ballpark Pet Leash Saturday – 3:10 PM

Kansas City Royals at St Louis Cardinals 14-Jun 2015.
Adult Replica Home White 1985 Mystery Jersey Sunday – 1:15 PM

Chicago Cubs at St Louis Cardinals 28-Jun 2015.
Prairie Farms Ice Cream Sundays Sunday – 1:15 PM

Chicago White Sox at St Louis Cardinals  30-Jun 2015.
Replica 1982 World Series Championship Trophy Tuesday – 7:15 PM

San Diego Padres at St Louis Cardinals  3-Jul 2015.
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San Diego Padres at St Louis Cardinals  4-Jul 2015.
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San Diego Padres at St Louis Cardinals  5-Jul 2015.
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New York Mets at St Louis Cardinals  17-Jul 2015
Team Photo Canvas Print Friday – 7:15 PM

New York Mets at St Louis Cardinals  18-Jul 2015
Matt Carpenter Bobblehead Saturday – 6:15 PM

New York Mets at St Louis Cardinals  19-Jul 2015.
Prairie Farms Ice Cream Sundays Sunday – 1:15 PM

Atlanta Braves at St Louis Cardinals  24-Jul 2015.
Al Hrabosky Bobblehead Friday – 7:15 PM

Atlanta Braves at St Louis Cardinals  25-Jul 2015.
Adult Replica Saturday Alternate Wainwright Jersey Saturday – 6:15 PM

Atlanta Braves at St Louis Cardinals  26-Jul 2015
Beach Towel Sunday – 1:15 PM

Colorado Rockies at St Louis Cardinals  31-Jul 2015.
Lou Brock Bobblehead Friday – 7:15 PM

Colorado Rockies at St Louis Cardinals  2-Aug 2015.
Replica Alternate Jersey Sunday – 1:15 PM

Miami Marlins at St Louis Cardinals  14-Aug 2015.
Red Schoendienst Hall of Fame Red Jacket Statue Friday – 7:15 PM

Miami Marlins at St Louis Cardinals  15-Aug 2015.
2015 Cardinals Hall of Fame Inductees Plaque Saturday – 6:15 PM

Miami Marlins at St Louis Cardinals  16-Aug 2015.
Adult Duffle Bag Sunday – 1:15 PM

Pittsburgh Pirates at St Louis Cardinals  4-Sep 2015.
Replica 1967 World Series Ring Friday – 7:15 PM

Pittsburgh Pirates at St Louis Cardinals  5-Sep 2015.
Adult Gray Jersey Saturday – 3:05 PM

Pittsburgh Pirates at St Louis Cardinals 6-Sep 2015.
Prairie Farms Ice Cream Sundays Adult Hat Sunday – 1:15 PM

Chicago Cubs at St Louis Cardinals 7-Sep 2015.
Harry Caray Bobblehead w/ voice chip. Monday – 1:15 PM

Chicago Cubs at St Louis Cardinals  9-Sep 2015.
Great Clips Haircuts Wednesday – 12:45 PM

Milwaukee Brewers at St Louis Cardinals  25-Sep 2015.
Fan Appreciation Weekend Friday – 7:15 PM

Milwaukee Brewers at St Louis Cardinals  26-Sep 2015.
2016 Cardinals Magnet Schedule Lance Berkman Bobblehead Fan Appreciation Weekend. Saturday – 6:15 PM

Milwaukee Brewers at St Louis Cardinals  27-Sep 2015.
2016 Cardinals Magnet Schedule Prairie Farms Ice Cream Sundays 2016 Free Ticket Voucher Fan Appreciation Weekend Six Flags Day. Sunday – 1:15 PM


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2015 Dodgers Opening Day Dodger Stadium

2015 Dodgers Opening Day Tickets Down 40%

2015 Los Angeles Dodgers Opening Day Tickets for their April 6TH opener against the San Diego Padres and ex beloved Dodger Mat Kemp are down almost 40% since last season for. While Dodgers Ace Clayton Kershaw is expected to be on mound on Opening Day at Dodger Stadium the San Diego Padres don’t have the same draw as last season’s opener against the San Francisco Giants. The dramatic drop in price gives the average fan a great chance to get a deal on 2015 Dodgers Opening Day tickets which last season were averaging $100.00 to get in the door.

Field Box Level tickets are down 33% from last year’s price of $225.per ticket.
Loge Level tickets are down 30.76% from last years price of $170 per ticket.
Reserve Level tickets are down 35% from last years price of $135 per ticket
Top Deck Infield Level Tickets are down 40% from last year price of $105 per ticket

During the regular season Dodgers vs Padres tickets average just $42.00 per ticket while Dodgers vs Giants tickets averaged 42.85% higher at $60.00 per ticket.

The impact of Andrew Friedman as Dodgers Chairman has been immediate and sudden, with several moves during the annual Major League Baseball winter meetings designed to remake the roster. The moves have the imprint of Friedman’s work in Tampa, where he created a contender in a small market. Here’s a look at the Dodgers big moves and the impact on the upcoming season.

Decision not to sign Hanley Ramirez: The Dodgers made the decision to not re-sign Hanley Ramirez, losing the slugging shortstop to the Boston Red Sox. When healthy during the past two seasons Ramirez had one of the best bats in the National League; unfortunately health was a major concern for Ramirez, with nagging injuries often finding the slugger on the bench. Defensively Ramirez was a major liability, ranking towards the bottom of the National League in defensive ratings, forcing the Dodgers to replace him during late game situations. With Ramirez in the American League the Dodgers traded for veteran Jimmy Rollins from the Philadelphia Phillies. The former National League MVP has lost some range defensively, but the four-time Gold Glove winner is a major defensive upgrade. He’s also a highly durable player who hit 17 home runs a year ago. Rollins should be an excellent short-term solution until the Dodgers shortstop of the future, Corey Seager, is able to take over the role.

Trade of Matt Kemp: After dealing with injuries for nearly two full seasons the Dodgers outfielder had a tremendous second half a year ago, reminiscent of his MVP-contending seasons. With a logjam in the outfield the Dodgers opted to deal Kemp when the demand for the slugger was hot. Due to nagging injuries and diminished defensive performance, Kemp is a major question mark. The Padres gambled in acquiring the slugger, who has a big contract that runs through 2019. The telling quote in the trade of Kemp was when Friedman (Talking to MLB.com) stated that the move of Kemp is “an effort to mold the roster into a highly functioning baseball team rather than a collection of talent.” With Kemp gone the Dodgers now has a position for young star Joc Pederson, who will have every opportunity to earn a starting position. Pederson had a big year in the minor leagues last season and will be an upgrade over Kemp defensively.

The big piece the Dodgers picked up in the Kemp trade is catcher Yasmani Grandal. The Miami native is a talented catcher who had an outstanding rookie season in 2012 before suffering an ACL tear in 2013. Last year Grandal had an up and down season with flashes of offensive brilliance combined with inconsistency. Defensively Grandal is an excellent pitch framer who struggled to throw out opposing runners. Grandal has the talent to be an upgrade over AJ Ellis, giving the Dodgers a potential upper echelon bat at the catcher’s position.

2015 Dodgers Opening Day ticketsHowie Kendrick: The Dodgers will have a new double play combo next season with the acquisition of Howie Kendrick from the Los Angeles Angels. Kendrick is one of the most consistent second baseman in all of baseball, putting together another consistent season last year. He’ll replace Dee Gordon, who the Dodgers traded to the Miami Marlins. Gordon had a breakout season a year ago, leading the league in stolen bases and triples. While Gordon injected excitement at the top of the order he was a below average defensive second baseman. The dependable Kendrick will be a defensive upgrade and is a solid bet to continue his consistency at the plate.

Brandon McCarthy: Looking to improve the back end of their bullpen the Dodgers signed Brandon McCarthy away from the New York Yankees. Last season the Dodgers received spotty production from Dan Haren and solid production from Josh Beckett, when the veteran right-hander wasn’t injured. McCarthy should be an ideal 4th starter, giving the team durability and consistency. Over the last four seasons McCarthy has a 3.81 ERA in 97 starts, ranking 48th among the 90 major league pitchers who through at least 500 innings during that span. He’s a savvy veteran and good clubhouse guy who should be an excellent addition to the roster.

The Dodgers have done an excellent job creating a more balanced roster. They’ll clearly be better up the middle, with the big question mark whether or not they can produce at the plate with Kemp and Ramirez no longer on the roster. The starting rotation is virtually set with the last remaining question mark the bullpen. Chris Hatcher and Joel Peralta are decent acquisition, but the Dodgers still are likely to make a few moves to better their overall bullpen depth. Don Mattingly’s lack of confidence in his setup men had a direct effect on Clayton Kershaw blowing two leads versus the St Louis Cardinals in the postseason. A better group of setup men will go a long way towards real postseason success. You can also purchase Cardinals Tickets for their games against the Dodgers at Busch Stadium.

You can checkout our 2015 Dodgers Tickets buying guide.

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BY: Chris M.

Chris Michaels lives in Los Angeles, CA and works as the Sports Media Coordinator
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Dodgers Ticket Prices for Dodger Stadium

Dodgers Tickets Buying Guide For 2015

The Los Angeles Dodgers finished last season with a 94-68 record although they we knocked out in the NL Division round by St Louis Cardinals the Dodger Nation was still there to support their boys in blue on a nightly bases at Dodger Stadium as it ranked first in attendance with 3, 782,337 fans going to the Stadium.

Dodger Tickets Prices
The cheapest Dodgers tickets last season were $2.00 per ticket while the most expensive Dodgers tickets were in the Dugout Club at $2,250.00 per ticket. Throughout the regular season the average price of Dodgers tickets on the secondary market was $19.00 on the low end and $95.00 on the high end.

Here is a guide to the 2015 Dodgers Ticket Prices for their Home Games at Dodger Stadium, Opponent and one of the most important factors the Promotion or Giveaway for that night.

Avg Price: $17.00 | Low Price $14.00
Dodgers vs Angels TicketsAlthough no giveaways or promotions when the Angels come to Dodger Stadium this season the cross town rivalry can keep Angels vs Dodgers ticket prices on the higher side still the average price per ticket is cheaper for Dodger Stadium games than the $40.00 per ticket average to see them play at Angel Stadium.

Avg Price: $29.00 | Low Price $8.00
Dodgers vs Athletics Tickets
The Dodgers vs Athletics Wednesday July 29th game will feature a bobblehead giveaway so prices for that game could end up being a bit higher than for the Tuesday the 28th. .

Avg Price: $33.00 | Low Price $12.00
Dodgers vs Braves TicketsDodgers vs Braves ticket prices for their May 25th and May 27th games at Dodger Stadium will be higher due to the promotional giveaway of the Dodgers Garden Gnome on the 25th, and Coaster Set on the 27th. Braves vs Dodgers on giveaway nights average ticket price is $37.00.

Avg Price: $31.00 | Low Price $11.00
Dodgers vs Brewers ticketsLast season the Dodgers only won once in the six times they played. The Saturday night game on July 11th is Bobblehead night #5 while the Sunday game on July 12th is Kid’s Hamper giveaway.

Avg Price: $30.00 | Low Price $15.00
Dodgers vs Cardinals Tickets The Dodgers vs Cardinals games will see three giveaway nights at Dodger Stadium in the four games played. The June 4th Bobblehead #3 giveaway and June 6th Kids Cereal Bowl will both be big games.

Avg Price: $32.00 | Low Price $22.00
Dodgers vs Cubs TicketsWhen the Cubs come to Dodger Stadium in August two of the games will be promotional nights with the Aug 29th game being Collectors Pin for Cy Young winner Orel Hershiser. Dodgers vs Cubs ticket prices will be higher because the Cubs only play three times in LA, the games are on the weekend as well as two being giveaway nights.

Avg Price: $25.00 | Low Price $10.00
Dodgers vs Diamondbacks Tickets The Diamondbacks and Dodgers will play ten times at Dodger Stadium with five o f the games being giveaway nights including the last bobblehead giveaway night on Sept 24th, Sleeved Blanket, Dodgers Tote Bag, T-Shirt giveaway and Yasiel Puig Replica Jersey giveaway. DBacks vs Dodgers ticket prices tend to be higher on the giveaway and promotional nights Average ticket price is $36.00 per ticket and Low Price is $14.00 per ticket on average.

Avg Price: $47.00 | Low Price $20.00
Dodgers vs Giants Tickets Dodger StadiumBesides winning the World Series the Giants vs Dodgers ticket prices have always been on the high side do to the rivalry. The 2013 average ticket price for a Giants vs Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium was the lowest in years at $24.00 per ticket. If you went to see them play at AT&T Park the average ticket price $74.00. The Giveaway nights which include Cy Young Collectors Pin of Don Drysdale, Fleece Blanket, Fathers Day BBQ and Bobblehead number #8 will have a higher average ticket price and higher low end price by 10 to 20% depending on the game.

Avg Price: $45.00 | Low Price $14.00
Dodgers vs Mariners Tickets There will be much stronger demand for the Mariners vs Dodgers tickets on the April 15th Wednesday night game will have due to the Adult Jackie Robinson Replica Jersey giveaway night. Low end ticket prices can start around $20.00 per ticket.

Avg Price: $20.00 | Low Price $10.00
Dodgers vs Marlins Tickets Dodger Stadium The Marlins vs Dodgers game on May 12th will feature the first bobblehead giveaway night of the 2015 regular season. Once announced the lower end ticket price can raise as much as 110% percent to around $20 per ticket and average ticket price for that game is $39.00 per ticket.

Avg Price: $31.00 | Low Price $15.00
Dodgers vs Mets Tickets Dodger StadiumThe July 4th game between the Mets and Dodgers will have a higher low end price due to the game being on a Saturday Night as well as July 4th and a fireworks show. The lower price can run for that game can start around $27.00 per ticket.

Avg Price: $29.00 | Low Price $15.00
Dodgers vs Nationals TicketsThe Nationals vs Dodgers ticket prices for the August 8th game will tend to have a higher “get in” price of $17.00 and average ticket price of $32.00 due to the Fernando Valenzuela Cy Young Collectors pin giveaway.

Avg Price: $29.00 | Low Price $15.00
Dodgers vs Padres Tickets Opening DayThe Padres vs Dodgers ticket prices for the April 6th game which is the Dodgers Opening Day game for the 2015 regular season will have a higher average ticket price range from as well as a higher “Get In” lower end price due to the demand for Opening Day Tickets. The lower price range for the other four promotional giveaway games which include Replica Dodgers Pullover Jacket, Bobblehead #2 and closing day of the regular season which is fan appreciation day can average $21.00.

Avg Price: $42.00 | Low Price $17.00
Dodgers vs Phillies TicketsThe Phillies vs Dodgers ticket prices for the July 6th game which is bobblehead giveaway #4 can have a higher “Get In” price of $20.00 per ticket as well as the July 8th Hello Kitty Plush giveaway away night. The Hello Kitty giveaway nights are one of the strongest promotional nights year to year at Dodger Stadium.

Avg Price: $25.00 | Low Price $14.00
Dodgers vs Pirates TicketsThe Pirates vs Dodgers ticket prices will be higher on average for their Saturday September 19th game by about 20% due to being late in the season as well as a weekend game. The September 20th game is honoring Clayton Kershaw and attendees will receive a Cy Young Collectors Pin. Both the average price and get in price for this game will be about 20-30% higher than normal and if Clayton is pitching on that day price averages can go higher.

Avg Price: $25.00 | Low Price $12.00
Dodgers vs Rangers ticketsThe Rangers vs Dodgers game on Thursday June 18th will be slightly higher than the June 17th game do t the Collectors Cy Young Pin for honoring Dodgers Mike Marshall. Lower end Get Ins for that game can start about $17.00 per ticket.

Avg Price: $34.00 | Low Price $13.00
Dodgers vs Reds TicketsThe Reds vs Dodgers ticket prices will vary for each game due to the promotional giveaway and being played on a weekend. The Aug 13th Thursday is bobblehead #7 giveaway and ticket prices can start around $20.00 per ticket. The Saturday night game can start around $14.00 per ticket and the Sunday game is a promotional giveaway and possible day game can start around $15.00 per ticket.

Avg Price: $45.00 | Low Price $13.00
Dodgers vs Rockies TicketsThe Rockies vs Dodgers ticket prices can fluctuate 30% or more on both the average price range and low end get in the door price range depending on the giveaway night or weekend game. While the April 17th game can have $10.00 to $11.00 “Get in” price the May 14th game honoring Sandy Koufax can average $14.00 Get In the door price and the May 16th Rockies vs Dodgers game attendees receive a 1965 World Series Replica ring bringing the average lower end Get In up to $26.00 per ticket.

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Dodgers Pitchers Clayton Kershaw, Zack Grienke, Ryu

Dodgers Postseason Pitching

The Los Angeles Dodgers enter the postseason with their second consecutive National League West title and arguably the best one-two starting pitching punch in baseball with Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke. Kershaw will win his third Cy Young in four seasons after putting together one of the best overall seasons by a starting pitcher in decade. In his second season as a Dodger, Zack Greinke put together another solid season, winning 16 games with a 2.74 ERA. When it comes to the top two starters, who’ll start four of the potential games in the NL divisional round series, the Dodgers are in good shape. It’s who comes after Kershaw and Greinke that has Dodgers fans concerned. Due to injuries in the starting rotation and an up and down year by the bullpen, the Dodgers enter the postseason with major concerns in the back half of their starting rotation and among the bullpen set up men.

There’s no question that the Dodgers are in good hands with Kershaw, Greinke and closer Kenley Jansen. The big question is whether or not the rest of the staff will hold up. Here’s a look at back half of the Dodgers rotation and the bullpen as they enter the opening round of the playoffs versus the St. Louis Cardinals.

Here are three big questions the Dodgers will have to answer as they enter the postseason:

Dodgers Pitcher Dan HarenWho is the number three starter? For the majority of the season there was no question who the Dodgers third starter was. Hyun-Jin Ryu put together a solid regular season and the second year left-hander from Korea gave the Dodgers as good a top half of the rotation as any team in baseball. Since Ryu went down with late season arm soreness the Dodgers rotation depth is now a big question. The Dodgers are cautiously optimistic that Ryu will be back for the postseason. What they don’t know is how healthy he’ll be and what he can give them. If Ryu can’t go veteran Dan Haren is thrust into the third spot. Haren started the season strong, had a brutal stretch in the middle, and has now pitched better of late. In Adam Wainwright and Lance Lynn the Cardinals have an outstanding top of the rotation duo, two starters who can match Kershaw and Greinke pitch for pitch. The Cardinals series will be a tight one. In order to prevail and prevent last season’s outcome the Dodgers need a strong performance from Ryu, if available, and Haren.

LA Dodgers Brian WilsonWho is the set-up man? Last season the Dodgers found a strong set-up man in former San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson. The Beard resurrected his career after arm injury and put together a solid regular season. The year Wilson has struggled, with pitch location and velocity. As a result the Dodgers have been scrambling all season to find a consistent set-up man. They have a solid left-hander to match up with opposing lefty batters in JP Howell, but Howell can be relied on to be the consistent 8th inning setup man. Brandon League, Pedro Baez, Chris Perez and even Paco Rodriguez have had opportunities in the setup spot. League, who failed as a closer a year ago has had a solid season. Perez, who the Dodgers acquired to supplement Wilson, has pitched better since coming off the DL on September 1. The Dodgers still have the option of Wilson, who can be an effective setup man provided he’s hitting his spots. Whoever claims the setup spot, the Dodgers will need a strong performance to win tight postseason games.

Can Kershaw out-duel Wainwright? After a strong performance in the opening series versus the Atlanta Braves a year ago, Kershaw was out-dueled by Adam Wainwright in last year’s Cardinals series. In ten innings pitched versus the Cardinals, Kershaw gave up seven earned runs in ten innings pitched. A big story this postseason is whether or not Kershaw can cement his legacy and carry his dominant performance into the postseason. Many have compared Kershaw to Dodgers legend Sandy Koufax, especially with his incredible season. The Dodgers need Kershaw to pitch like Koufax to bring home their first World Series title since 1988.

You can purchase Dodgers Tickets with No Service Fees or Hidden Charges on any tickets from Barry’s Tickets online or feel free to call our office at 800 348 8499 and speak with an actual staff member who has been to the Dodger Stadium and help you with any questions you might have.BY: Chris M.

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MLB Playoffs vs NFL and College Football

The Major League Baseball playoffs are getting close to crunch time as the World Series will get underway shortly. Throughout much of the MLB playoffs I have noticed Fox Sports and TBS advertising the games that are coming up. Finding sports viewers that prefer the MLB Playoffs over NFL and college football can sometimes be a challenge. Even though the baseball playoff games are much more meaningful it is still the case that diehard sports fans would rather see action packed football even though the NFL is not even halfway through the season. The college football season is hitting the halfway point and SEC football games are getting TV ratings that are better than some of the baseball playoff games. Why is football so popular in the United States when compared to baseball?

Baseball is a Very Long Season

The major league baseball season starts around April 1st of every year. The college baseball season starts in late February. This means baseball fans can start consuming baseball before the snow has melted in some areas of the country. College baseball concludes with the College World Series in late May and early June. Fans that want to continue to watch baseball will have the opportunity to watch professional baseball games all the way through the summer and into the months of September and October. This means baseball season spans the seasons on spring, summer and fall. There are no other sports that span more than one and a half seasons.

When I was younger I throughly enjoyed playing fantasy baseball as it gave me something to do during the summer months. I grew up in a very rural area and there was not much going on. Instead of getting in trouble I decided to hop on the Internet and find a game that allowed me to use my number crunching skills. There were years in the mid 1990s when I was one of the top 100 players in fantasy baseball. I used to check the stats on a daily basis and I could predict who was going to have an amazing year on the mound. As the years passed I realized that fantasy baseball took way too long.

When playing fantasy baseball in the 1990s you had to adjust your team on a daily basis. There are often players that get placed on the 15 day DL or will sit out a few games causing an entire fantasy baseball team to struggle. If you were not willing to check your fantasy baseball team at least three times a week there was a good chance that you would end up getting beat by the team owner that had the time to simply update his team with players that were in a lineup. These owners didn’t have a better team, they just had the ability to update on any given day.

This process helped me to realize just how long and time consuming baseball was and is. Baseball games take around three or four hours to complete and there is a lot of downtime. There are 18 interruptions in the game with an interruption coming after just three outs. There are interruptions in football but it tends to be after something exciting has happened. Teams call a timeout or slow down the game when the other team is scoring or about to score. In baseball, an interruption can come when nothing happened in an inning. For the younger generation, this can be very boring.

The NFL Season is Short Enough to Stay Interesting

The NFL season starts in September and concludes during the final week of January or the first week of February. What makes the NFL very interesting is there are only 16 games in a regular season. This means that fans of a particular team have the opportunity to watch eight home games. Compare this to 81 home games during a major league baseball season. It is often true that people will be more excited about something that happens eight times a year when compared to something that happens 81 times a year.

Something else interesting about the NFL is the anticipation that is built for each game. ESPN and other sports channels now have hours of coverage leading up to the games on Sunday. When I was a child it was only Sunday morning TV shows that previewed this week’s games. Now we see shows every day of the week. There are shows that document the injuries for each specific team. Personally, I feel as if this is too much but some NFL fans absolutely love it. They only get 16 weeks to enjoy their team so they are going to soak up as much information as possible.

NFL fans are armed with plenty of knowledge when the game comes around. They know which team is expected to win, they know who is on the injured reserve and they know the weather conditions. Fantasy Football has truly changed the way some of these avid fans consume the game. If they know the weather in Pittsburgh is going to be cold and windy they can guess the two quarterbacks in the game are not going to have great stats. The defenses and kickers in this game might end up being the stars of the show. The numbers game that is Fantasy Football has encouraged fans to watch more games and consume more content related to the sport.

What I have come to realize, over the last decade, is that fans are not watching just the NFL to understand Fantasy Football and the growth of their favorite team. They are watching the college game as well, because they know in the near future these college players will be on their team. It is amazing to see how many NFL message boards will analyze specific college players to fit the needs of the team. Once again, this is taking it a little too far for me but it happens every day of the football season.

Will the World Series Garner Interest?

The St Louis Cardinals have a very large following. This means the World Series will get some interest from fans of the National League. As much as people say they want a different team in the World Series or Super Bowl, they really do not. The ratings show that more people watch when the most popular teams are in major events. The best thing for Major League Baseball will be a St Louis Cardinals vs Boston Red Sox World Series. This would get the best ratings and it would bring in a few fan bases that normally would not watch. The Red Sox being in the World Series would put New York Yankees fans in their seats hoping the Red Sox lose. If the Red Sox were not in the World Series Yankees fans would care a lot less.

One of the biggest problems for the World Series is the expansion of the college football and NFL season. There are now NFL football games on Monday night, Thursday night and all of Sunday. College football games are on Thursday and Friday Night and all day Saturday. This does not leave a whole lot of time for sports fans to watch baseball. Even when the World Series is on I still devote the majority of my TV consumption to college football. If there is a good college football game on TV it always trumps the World Series or any type of baseball. This is all too common with my generation.

Major League Baseball has also been slow to react to the technology era in which we live. Baseball is a traditional sport and a large majority of fans are not in their teens and twenties. This is much different from football. When you visit a college football or NFL stadium on any weekend you will find many age groups represented. When going to a baseball stadium it is often the case that adults and seniors are the ones that are at these events.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ have changed the way people talk about sports. While the MLB is trying to increase interest on social media they don’t even hold a candle to the NFL and college football. The MLB Twitter account has 3.2 million followers while the NFL Twitter account has 5.2 million followers. The distance is even more significant when we compare college football to college baseball. This means the younger generation is actively engaging about football online but not as much when it comes to baseball.

The World Series will be a big event for Major League Baseball this year. With the Cardinals playing in the series there should be plenty of interest. Whether or not the MLB can parlay this interest into something bigger has yet to be seen. Over time it will be interesting to watch to see if the MLB can meet the challenges they have.

NLCS Preview Los Angeles Dodgers Vs St Louis Cadinals

NLCS Dodgers Vs Cardinals

Dodgers Vs Cardinals

With the St. Louis Cardinals defeat of the Pittsburgh Pirates the National League Championship is set and will begin Friday at Busch Stadium in St. Louis with the Cardinals taking on the Los Angeles Dodgers. Down 2-1 in the NLDS the Cardinals won consecutive elimination games behind dominant starting pitching by Michael Wacha and Adam Wainwright. The matchup between two of the most storied franchises in all of baseball is the first postseason series between the two clubs since the Dodgers swept the Cardinals in the 2009 NLDS. The two franchises boast seventeen combined World Series titles, with the Cardinals second all-time with eleven.

Here are three things to watch in the NLCS:

Elite Starting Pitching: The Los Angeles Dodgers boast arguably the top 1-2 pitching combination in all of baseball in Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke. The Dodgers twenty-five year-old lefthander Kershaw is the odds on favorite to earn his second Cy Young Award in four seasons.  Greinke, who the Dodgers acquired via free agency this offseason, has long been one of the dominant right-handers in the game and won 15 games this season against only four defeats with an outstanding 2.63 ERA.  In the Dodgers 3-1 series victory over the Braves in the NLDS Kershaw had two outstanding starts, striking out 18 batters in just thirteen innings pitched with just one earned run given up. Due to the Dodgers decision to start Kershaw in game four of the Braves series the Dodgers will start Greinke in game one, followed by Kershaw on Saturday.

The Cardinals have their own trio of outstanding starters in veteran ace Adam Wainwright and rookie Michael Wacha. Wainwright closed out the Pittsburgh series with a dominating start in game five. He’s joined in the rotation by Wacha who pitched seven perfect innings in Pittsburgh in game four before giving up a solo home run in the seventh inning. Wacha exited the game with just one hit allowed and one earned run in an incredibly boisterous road environment.  The twenty-one year- old was a late call-up who nearly pitched a perfect game during the regular season. The remainder of the Cardinals postseason roster is to be determined, with a choice between Joe Kelly, Lance Lynn and Shelby Miller.

The Season Series: The Dodgers took five of seven from the Cardinals this season including taking three of four in St. Louis in early August.  In the August series the Dodgers received outstanding starting performances from Ricky Nolasco, Hyun-Jin Ryu and Zack Greinke.  Ironically the lone Cardinals victory was the one game started by Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw gave up just two earned runs but the Dodgers were unable to provide their starter much run support, ending the Dodgers club record fifteen game road winning streak. In the first game of the series Greinke out-dueled Wainwright in a tight battle.

For the Dodgers to prevail they’ll need Nolasco and Ryu to recapture the form they showed during the late summer Dodgers hot streak. After being acquired by the Dodgers from the Marlins Nolasco was outstanding, but struggled at the end of the season, perhaps due to throwing so many innings this season. Ryu, the Korean rookie, had a strong regular season but struggled in game three of the Braves series. The playoff schedule may allow the Dodgers to go with a three-man rotation, but it’s likely they’ll have to start Nolasco in game four back in Los Angeles.  They’ll need the right-hander to recapture the form he showed right after his acquisition.

The Cardinals Lineup:  The Cardinals don’t have the superstar they once had in Albert Pujols, but do have one of the deepest and most efficient batting lineups in baseball. The Cardinals are third in baseball in runs scored and on base percentage and fourth in batting average. The Cardinals had five players drive in at least seventy-five runs this season, with four regulars batting over .300. Second Baseman Matt Carpenter led the NL in hits, batting .318. Superstar catcher Yadier Molina hit .319 with 80 runs batted in.  Molina is on track for his seventh gold glove. Allen Craig led the National League in batting average with runners in scoring position, hitting .315 with 97 runs batted in. Both Matt Holliday and Carlos Beltran hit near .300 with between 22 and 24 home runs and 80 runs batted in. The Cardinals lineup will be a big challenge to the Dodgers pitching staff. One bright spot for the Dodgers is the Cardinals inconsistent offensive showing in the NLDS.  After leading the Cardinals all season in batting Carpenter hit just .067 in the NLDS with David Freese, Matt Holliday and John Jay also struggling at the plate.

The biggest key to victory for the Dodgers is getting off to a strong start in St. Louis, just like in Atlanta. If Greinke and Kershaw can be their dominant self the Dodgers have a strong opportunity to reclaim home field advantage upon their return to Los Angeles. The Cardinals are a battle tested club with significant postseason experience.  The spotlight won’t be too big for them and the Dodgers will face a hostile environment this weekend in St. Louis. With Wainwright starting game five the Dodgers have the luxury of avoiding the Cardinals ace in St. Louis. Wainwright will likely start game three in Los Angeles. The Cardinals game one and two starters are still to be announced but likely will be either Joe Kelly, Shelby Miller or Lance Lynn in game one and Michael Wacha in game two. Lynn struggled in game two versus the Pirates and Kelly and Miller both have very little postseason experience. The veteran Dodgers club may have an advantage versus the very young Cardinals rotation as the pressure gets ramped up even more in the NLCS.

Prediction: The Dodgers ride Kershaw and Greinke into the World Series, out-dueling the young Cardinals rotation. Dodgers win 4-2.

By:Chris Michaels