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Pau Gasol Should he stay or should he go now?

Pau Gasol to trade or not to trade

Pau Gasol to trade or not to trade

Much buzz has been circling the former four-time all- star Pau Gasol about a possible trade this season. The Lakers have been thinking about trading him since the 2011-2012, when our team targeted Chris Paul, but the trade was called off. After that, he stated that this behavior from the team wouldn’t affect his way of play, after all it’s all professional. But he didn’t keep his promise. Where is the Gasol that would win us Championships? He is a 7 footer skilled big man with a firm jump shot and is, or rather was, almost unbeatable close to the rim. And now, he has become a role player that, ok, starts the game but then again he rarely finishes it. How can we have a player of that class not contributing for us? We can’t afford leaving such players at the bench in crunch time.

It may be wiser for teams’ officials to start thinking about trading him. Not only could we acquire one or two valuable members for Pau, but it may also be better for him to start over in a new uniform. What could we get back in a possible trade? Well, half of the teams in the NBA might be willing a lot to get a player like Gasol. Just imagine we get a player like Gasol in return, but this time he also plays like Gasol and not like Valanciunas. Because, unfortunately Pau is playing like him right now. For example imagine we get the young and promising Cousins plus 1-2 other role players. Or Millsap together with Marvin Williams and Raja. Or even Amare (ok this one might not work well neither). But really the possibilities are endless. Even Boston could make a deal with us or the Bulls with Boozer, anyone.

Maybe Pau himself is thinking about the way out, although his press statements moved in the opposite direction. “No, oh, that’s radical. I still believe. I still have faith in what we have. I still have faith that I can be a big part in helping this team succeed. Right now, I’m not being able to do that very often.” Those were his words after our loss against the Clips. I really want to believe in Gasol and even Kobe made comments about him, stating that the he should get more involved on offense. I mean, you can‘t go to Kobe or Dwight on almost every possession and wait for others to get open. Our opponents know that we always do and they lock us down on defense. But if distribute the ball more and more guys contribute on offense, that will not only boost their mentality, but will also break the defense apart, providing help and opening more lanes for Kobe. It’s really basketball fundamentals which coach D’Antoni should inhale to our offensive system.

Whether we trade Pau or not, this situation can’t continue any longer. We simply can’t continue to struggle and fight to sustain a 0.500 record. Either trade him or utilize him better. We have to make radical steps forward. Look towards the future dear Lakers’ managers.

By: Mike Rollings on the Lakers beat for Barrys Ticket Service.

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Are the Clippers really the best team in Los Angeles?

Clippers Vs Lakers Staples Center

Clippers Vs Lakers Staples Center

Which team can claim itself for being the best in Los Angeles? Is it perhaps the legendary Lakers of Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard or is their era coming to an end and they have already been dethroned from the young and energetic Clippers?

I think that whoever had a doubt this season about the above questions, got his answers for good after yesterday’s Clips domination on the floor. You don’t need to be a stats specialist to understand that the power and dynamics of the Clips is way beyond our city rivals. It’s been too long since we could celebrate a win against the Lakers. They were always a championship team with some great players always on their roster and of course Coach Phil Jackson doing his magic orchestrating the way of play. But from this season on things are about to change. We have made some huge steps forward and we are in a position right now that we can claim our team being the best in the city.

Of course they got Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard and also Steve Nash, not to mention their role players. However the Clipps still got the advantage here. I mean look at their aging roster. How many years do they have left? Can Kobe continue his acrobatics after he turns 35? And how about Nash, will he still be playing at 39? I don’t think they can even reach us and I also don’t think that they will be in a better position in the near future. Not when we have two monsters in the team, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Paul made Kobe look old and slow once again, as he stated some days ago. In the meantime, Griffin put on a show last night scoring 24 points against a team with arguably the best front quart in the league. Not only did he smash the key and made some huge plays against Gasol and Howard, but if you watched the whole game, you could clearly see the difference between the energy level and the effort from our players against the Lakers.

A close look at the stats, can unveil a great difference between the two teams. We average 101.5 PPG while holding our opponents to 93.2. The Lakers are near to us scoring points, 102.8, but take a look at their defense; they allow 100.5 PPG. That’s a big difference maker for a team’s winning record. Plus, the Lakers rely too much on Kobe and Howard. Kobe scores almost 30% of the points his entire team does every game. He, together with Howard, combine to reach almost 50%. In contrary, we are a well balanced team, so even if one of our stars is having an off-game, we have many other guys who can step up and lead the team towards victories. Just look at Jamal Crawford’s stats. He’s averaging almost the same points as Paul does and also Matt Barnes. He came as a mediocre role player and has provided some huge minutes for us up to now.

It’s the second time the Clips got past the Lakers this season; first one came on November 2nd, while Mike Brown was still coaching them. Despite almost 2 months have passed since and we really can’t wait to meet them again, because after all it’s not only about winning the Lakers but also winning the Battle for LA.

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The Los Angeles Lakers fall to the Philadelphia Sixers 103-99

LA Lakers

The Lakers tried really hard to start the 2013 with a win against the Sixers on the first day of the year, but finally couldn’t capitalize thus losing by four in a close game. It was a game that was decided and won by Philadelphia thanks to the energy and the relentless effort they showed in the last minutes of the game. Kobe Bryant, who led Los Angeles with 36 points, commented on the lack of energy from his team down the stretch saying: “We didn’t look past them. I mean, you just saw an old team. I don’t know how else to put it. We’re just slow, and they’re a team that’s younger with fresher legs and played with more energy. We were just stuck in the mud. And as individuals, we all have to figure out how to get ourselves ready each and every game to have a high-level game. That’s a big thing when you’re starting to age. It’s tough, and it takes a lot of commitment.”

Philadelphia held a 5 point lead with 1:30 remaining in the fourth quarter and it was then when Kobe hit a clutch three pointer to spark his team and get the momentum towards LA’s side. But Spencer Haws made a huge 21-footer to put his team up by four. Steve Nash and Metta World Piece missed on consecutive three pointer and the Lakers couldn’t come through to win this one. Jrue Holiday put the icing on the cake with an easy dunk after catching the whole Lakers’ defense on sleep, with just 24” to go.

Jrue Holiday reached an impressive performance going 10-19 from the field to finish with 26 points and also 10 assists. In some points of the game he made Steve Nash, who was guarding him, look like helpless. Evan Turner also added a double double, 22 points and 13 rebounds that helped his team start off the year with a victory. “He’s playing with tremendous confidence. He’s a well-conditioned athlete and you have to be to play at the level he plays every night.” said Sixers Coach Doug Collins.

With this loss, the Lakers fell again under the psychological border of 0.500 with a 15-16 record. It’s been their worst start of the season since 2002-2003 when they went 12-19, the year after they had won the title. They shot a season low 13.6 from three point range, just 3-22. LA just couldn’t utilize its strength down low, with Howard finishing with just 7 points and Gasol going 2-12 from the field to end up with 12.

The Lakers have a huge rivalry game ahead, Friday night against the LA Clippers. They then play the last game of this first week of the yearagainst the Denver Nuggets, Sunday night at the Staples Center. The Sixers will continue their road trip and head to Phoenix to face the Suns on Wednesday.

2012 Year in review for the LA Lakers

Staples Center LA Lakers

For the LA Lakers, it has been a frustrating and controversial season up to this point. They were the big story during the off-season past, after making the huge acquisitions of All-Star center Dwight Howard and also veteran point guard Steve Nash. They also added some great role players like Jodie Meeks and Antawn Jamison and even Jordan Hill while in the meantime they retained their core players, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Metta World Piece. Every media, newspaper and TV show stated that the Lakers looked unbeatable in paper. They were supposed to be one of the few teams in the entire NBA that could contend for a title against the Champions Miami Heat. They, together with the Oklahoma City Thunder looked to have all the pieces set to chase a ring. However, the reality was vastly different for the team.

The beginning of the season was disappointing and the Lakers lost 4 out of their 5 first games. That led to the immediate firing of Coach Mike Brown, who was to blame for the team’s ineffective way of play. On top of this, the injury of Steve Nash after appearing in just 2 games was devastating for the Lakers. In addition, Dwight Howard came back to action after a serious back injury. Things continued to go south for LA, as they lost also backup point guard who torn an abdominal muscle and had to undergo surgery. The sophomore Darius Morris suddenly stepped into the power rotation, but the difference between him and Nash or Blake was obvious in the game play. The team continued to struggle on both ends of the floor, committing many turnovers and not finding its offensive rhythm, even after the new Coach Mike D’Antoni took over. Despite the winning record being slightly improved, the Lakers continued to struggle and hover over and under 0.500. It is very unusual to see the LA Lakers lying under the 8th seed at the Conference Standings. Pau Gasol was injured with a tendonitis and remained sidelined for eight games. His performance this season did not match the great expectations every Lakers fan had, but that was just another drawback to the team’s general appearance.

The end of 2012 found the Lakers on the verge of 0.500 with a 15-15 record. Of course things got better for them after both Nash and Gasol got back from the injuries. The Lakers won a tough derby against the New York Knicks, at a game that marked Nash’s return. It was a momentum victory for them.

Of course it’s normal for a team with so many new roster acquisitions to be in a bonding stage for a short period of time. However, the Lakers have to rush this stage and balance their way of play as we approach the Playoffs. Steve Nash is almost 39 years old, Kobe turned 34 this summer and also Gasol is 32. With this aging roster and 1-2 years possibly this team stays together, the Lakers are in a win-now situation. That’s why in 2013 they have to fight their way back and re-enter their way of chasing a championship.

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The LA Clippers defeat the Utah Jazz to finish the year with the best possible way and record their 17th consecutive win

The LA Clippers defeat the Utah Jazz to finish the year with the best possible way and record their 17th consecutive win
Caron Butler with 29 points and 6/6 from beyond the arc lifted the Los Angeles Clippers over the Utah Jazz, 107-96. It was the second straight win in 3 days against Utah for LA, who have now won 17 in a row and finished the whole December unbeaten. Despite the difficulties they faced in the previous close game against the Jazz, this time the Clippers had no problem to smash their opponents. They now enter the New Year with the best momentum that any team has in the league and can finally praise themselves for their achievement.

Only two other teams in the entire NBA history have managed to stay unbeaten for an entire month, them being the 1995-96 San Antonio Spurs, which included Del Negro, and 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers. Commenting on the run, All-Star guard Chris Paul commented “I am amazed because I haven’t done it since I’ve been in the league” while Head Coach Vinnie Del Negro stated “I want to do this every year. This has got to be a staple of how we go about doing our business. We’re thinking bigger than the streak.” It’s clear that despite of all the enthusiasm and the fireworks around the streak, the Coach tries to keep things under control so his team does not rest on it and keep pushing forward for the first games in 2013.

Butler, who led his team in scoring, had 17 points in the first 12 minutes going 5 from 5 beyond the 3 point-line. Paul finished with 19 points and 9 assists and Jamal Crawford had 19 off the bench. The Clippers managed to get a double digit win and score over 100 points even with Blake Griffin staying cold, just 7 points for him and 5 shooting attempts. DeAndre Jordan had an impressive performance with 14 points and 3 blocks, including one highlight spike stop to a layup attempt from Jamal Tinsley. He also had a couple of nice alley-hoop dunks plus he makes them look so easy, because with his long wingspan he can catch the ball literally from anywhere it’s thrown.

For the Utah Jazz it was Al Jefferson who led his team with 30 points and 8 rebounds, but this wasn’t enough for them to escape with a win. Gordon Hayward finished with 16 off the bench and Derrick Favors added 11.

The Clippers are now 25-6, 15-3 at home and they enter 2013 with the greatest expectations for more. They surely are one of the most enjoyable teams to watch, not only for the team’s fans, but for any basketball and sports fan.

This first week in the New Year the Clippers will have a tough schedule. They host the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday and then the Golden State Warriors. On Friday night they play as the away team against the Los Angeles Lakers and on Saturday they face the Warriors once again.

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Nash is back are the Lakers back on track?

Steve Nash back in action for the Lakers

After a long period of difficulties the Lakers got back in the victories this last week. Finally resurrection time may have come for LA, who last Thursday was at a tough position with a 9-14 record. 10 days and four wins after, the team has finally broken out of the slump and is happy to welcome Steve Nash back.

Nash, who missed 24 games with a broken leg returned in the starting lineup at Saturday’s match against the surprising Warriors. It has been a really long wait for the two-time MPV but his impact on the team’s playing style was obvious right from the start. He finished with 12 points to go along with many assists. But the truth is that the numbers don’t tell the whole story. The whole style changes on offense with Nash on the floor who does what he knows best, creating plays for his teammates and the Lakers in fact do have some of the greatest finishers in the league in Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard.

The victories started even before Nash’s return. The Lakers survived in late game situations in most of their last wins. First one against the Wizards last Friday when they won 102-96 holding off a 27 point fourth quarter from their opponents. Lakers scored only 19 during the last 12 minutes. Next stop was Philadelphia against the Sixers, when LA broke out and won easily 111-98. Bryant finished had another high scoring game with 34 and Metta World Piece had a career high 16 rebounds to go along with 19 points, quite a performance for him. Then it was a comeback in the last quarter that saved the day for the Lakers, who took 101-100 the Bobcats at a game with a dramatic finale. The Bobcats had the chance to win the game but missed on 3 consecutive tries in the last 10 seconds thus throwing the victory to their opponents. Last game of the week came on Saturday night for the Lakers. It came down to the overtime but the Lakers escaped with a 118-115 win against the Warriors. It was another good game from Kobe Bryant who led all scorers with 34 points and of course noticeable for the night, Steve Nash’s return to the team.

The encouraging fact for Lakers fans is that things may actually get better for the team. Now, with Nash and also Gasol back from injuries, the team may show its real capabilities. Now it’s time for them to prove that the expectations during the off-season, when all the stars met in LA, were not too high. They are just one win behind the psychological border of 0.500 that could trigger a burst of momentum for the Lakers. They will surely need that going in 2013 and as playoff time is approaching. Of course there is a lot of work ahead and the road will not be easy for them.

Next up for the Lakers they play on Christmas day against the New York Knicks at home and then travel to Denver to face the Nuggets. Last game of the year is Friday night in front of the Staples Center crowd against the Portland Trailblazers.

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Spurs take first game in 2012-2013 season against Lakers

This was clearly a pretty important game for the Lakers. They played with a lot of intensity and urgency. Unfortunately many of the ills that befell them thus far this season reared their head again—turnovers, missed foul shots and poor late game execution.

Last night was another game where the Lakers couldn’t hit the big shot when they needed to down the stretch. Danny Green stepped up and hit a big three to put the Spurs up by 2. The best the Lakers could do on the other end was a desperation Gasol three. Granted the Spurs did a great job locking down the passing lanes and not really giving Gasol an option, but the execution was poor. The desperation three was something you’d expect from a young team, not the most veteran team in the league.
Offensively the Lakers lack of a perimeter game allowed the Spurs to double Howard in the paint. The Spurs pressure forced Howard into six turnovers and several other wasted possessions where the Lakers threw up less than an ideal shot. You have to wonder how healthy Howard is at this point. He’s clearly not playing up to his standard defensively and doesn’t have the explosiveness yet. Until the Lakers prove they can consistently hit a jump shot teams are going to continue to double-team Howard, forcing him to do a lot of work inside and probably not the best for his recovery from surgery. If he has to expend so much energy on the offensive end how will his defense not suffer?

The Lakers lack of bench was again a factor in the sheer number of minutes the top unit played. The foursome of Gasol, Howard, Bryant and World Peace averaged 38 minutes between them with Howard playing 41 minutes. Contrast this to the Spurs starting five who averaged just 31 minutes. Whether it’s Bernie Bickerstaff or Mike Brown there’s simply no confidence in the Lakers bench players. With Mike D’Antoni and his high-octane offense coming in its questionable how five players over thirty-two years old will hold up over the long run.

Bickerstaff only went nine deep in the rotation with three of those bench players (Chris Duhon, Antawn Jamison and Jodie Meeks) going a combined -22. Contrast this with the Spurs Bench that went a combined +23. Although these numbers don’t necessarily take into account the natural ebb and flow of the game the Spurs there was a +45 bench swing in favor of the Spurs. Pop was able to play is starters limited minutes and get quality from the bench.

There’s really no relief in sight for the top unit. Antawn Jamison is clearly diminished as a player and at thirty-six likely has nothing left in the tank. There are Steve Blake trade rumors but who are they really going to get for Steve Blake at this point? On his podcast Bill Simmons floated the idea of a package deal that would bring Josh Smith to LA. Smith would clearly fit in the D’Antoni system, but what would motivate the Hawks to make that trade? They’d get some value for Smith when it’s questionable whether they can re-sign them. Gasol’s contract would also give them cap flexibility in the near future as well as an elite center to combine with Al Horford. It’s a compelling idea if they can pull it off.

We’ll sit back and see what happens when D’Antoni takes over. He’ll have his work cut out for him.

Whats wrong with the Lakers?

Star center coming off back surgery. CHECK

Former two-time MVP point guard injured two games in. CHECK

A glaring lack of depth forcing the starting unit to play big minutes early on. CHECK
Flashback to this summer after the Howard and Nash trades and it’s hard to believe that six games in Mike Brown’s out and the Lakers are 2-4.

But is it really?

Look beyond the star-power and you have to wonder if Mike Brown isn’t just a convenient scapegoat for a team that may not be as well-constructed as we all thought. Or was Mike Brown simply the wrong coach to begin with? Perhaps he was.

Many point to the Princeton office as a mistake, perhaps rightly so. But were the Lakers issues under Mike Brown offensively related? Take a look at the Hollinger stats and the Lakers sit csolidly at number seven in offensive efficiency, higher ranked than last year. Granted it’s a small sample size but one can make the argument that offense wasn’t really the issue.

Perhaps the problems are much bigger than that.

For Mike Brown’s sake you’d think the Lakers would have at least waited for Steve Nash to return and take a real assessment of the direction of the club. But, that didn’t happen and now they’re in head coach search mode, adding some additional turmoil to the equation. Clearly bringing back the greatest coach in NBA history in Phil Jackson would be a benefit. And, Mike D’Antoni can clearly teach offense and worked perfectly with Steve Nash in Phoenix. Still, head coach aside is this year’s Lakers club really equipped for the long slog through the Western Conference and a likely matchup with the Heat in the finals? For all the star-power there are some real question marks

Defense: It does seem unusual to question the defense of a club that has the top defensive force in the league in Dwight Howard, as well as Metta World Peace and Kobe Bryant. But, there are some real matchup issues that could be pretty evident against top teams. Take the Thunder for example. Who exactly is Steve Nash going to guard? You can put him on Sefalosha, but that forces Kobe Bryant to expend huge energy on the defensive end to guard Russell Westbrook, because Nash clearly can’t. The same holds true of the Heat in an expected finals matchup. The Lakers size is clearly a huge advantage against the Heat small-ball, but if the Heat does go small, with a lineup of James, Bosh, Allen, Battier and Wade you again have to ask the question: who exactly is Steve Nash going to guard?

Does Gasol Really Fit in: You have to wonder if Mitch Kupchak is tossing around any trade ideas for Pau Gasol. A few pundits have speculated on the benefit of perhaps trading Gasol for a player like Ryan Anderson. Anderson would give the Lakers a lot more versatility and a key shooter on the perimeter while providing some relief towards the luxury tax.

The Minutes these guys are playing: The eighty-two game season is a long haul and early on the Lakers vets have been forced to play some real extended minutes. While the Heat’s sudden depth have given them the ability to play their starts relatively light minutes Kobe, World Peace, Howard and Gasol are playing minutes early on that don’t bode well for a long season and an extended playoff run. The sheer amount of game time the stars are getting is directly related to their poor bench. Save the Charlotte Bobcats the Lakers bench may be the worst in basketball. It’s hard to imagine this current roster going head to head in a seven-game battle with a team like San Antonio.

A potential poor playoff seed: With such a veteran roster it’s vital to get a high playoff seed. If the Lakers continue to struggle and don’t receive a top four playoff seed their road to a championship will be that much harder. It’s a lot easier to make a run through the playoffs with home court advantage. It’s a lot harder if it involves being a road team against the likes of San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder.

Still, for all the Lakers question marks they still have the top center in the league one of the greatest point offensive point guards of all time and a top ten all-time player in Kobe Bryant. Their size inside and unique matchup issues will make them a tough out in the postseason. Unlike the Heat, who had time to build their current championship club, the Lakers really don’t have all that much time. If they don’t win this season they’ll head into next year with Bryant and Nash a year older—and the Heat a year wiser.

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Staples Center Parking

Staples Center Parking

Going down to the Staples Center, LA Live or Nokia Theater in Los Angeles traffic can in itself be headache enough but finding an actual parking spot for your event can be as well. With 18000 people going to an event at the Staples Center and if there is a concert at Nokia on the same night can turn that headache into a migraine.

We highly recommend purchasing parking for your concert, sports or theater event when you purchase tickets for it but if not here are some options for parking at the Staples Center.

Valet Parking

The Luxe City Center Hotel offers Valet Parking which varies on price depending on the event that’s going on. The average price to valet is $20 – $30 to park and you can enter from Figueroa St. The Luxe is located at 1020 S. Figueroa, Los Angeles, CA 90015.

Note: If you’re just picking up tickets from Barry’s Tickets you can tell the Valet your just running in to pick up tickets.

The Staples Center also offers Valet Parking in the East Garage.

Staples Center Parking

General Parking
The West Garage (Lot W) The Lot opens 3 ½ hours prior to event times, you can pay a flat rate from $10 to $30 which depends on the event you are seeing which you pay when you enter the lot off Chick Hearn Court.

The Staples Center itself has roughly over 3000 parking spaces which are at Staples Center owned parking lots. Only Lots 1 and C open 2 ½ hours prior to your event, all other Staples Center owned lots open 90 minutes prior to your event and the Staples Center staff remains in the Lots till 60 minutes after the event.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations near Staples Center Parking or LA Live Parking
Yes, there are several vehicle charging stations around that area. There are ten charging stations on Level 2 at the LA Live garage. There are six vehicle charging stations which are located at 1005 W. Chick Hearn Ct West Garage and another four charging stations located in the East Garage at 800 W. Olympic Blvd.

Disabled Parking

Around the Staples Center there is designated disability parking for van-accessible space, you can call Parking Services at (213) 765 – 6815 to find out more information.

No Parking as well as Tow Away Zones

Keep your eyes out for No Parking / Tow Away Zones as there are numerous areas around the Staples Center and LA Live Campus that are marked as No Parking or Tow Away Zones the main No Parking Zone is between Chick Hearn Court and Figueroa which is in between the Staples Center and LA Live. You will ticketed and or Towed Away.

UBER, Taxis, Buses and Limousine parking

UBER, Taxis, Buses and Limos must drop off passengers in designated areas around the Staples Center and LA Live which are located in on Figueroa St heading southbound between 11th street and 12th street as well as on Chick Hearn Ct heading east bound between LA Live Way and Georgia St. You can also check on the Staples Center website for updates to parking areas.

Want more information on the Staples Center itself feel free to checkout our Staples Center seating chart to view the different layouts of Concerts or Sporting events at the Staples Center. You can also get the Staples Center address or directions if you need them as well. You can also checkout 5 reasons

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World Class Venue the LA Staples Center

World Class Venue the Staples Center

World Class Venue the Staples Center

With seating at just under 20,000 people, it’s quite rare for attendees of a basketball game to have a good view of the action. The design of the Staples Center makes sure that just about every seat has a good view of the floor. The Staples Center is a world-class facility and even in the cheap seats people can be is assured that they will get a fair view of the action.

In many cases this is a good thing because seating at some Lakers games and Clippers games and Kings games can be extremely expensive for some people. Getting last-minute tickets or picking up tickets in the upper rows can be the only way that some people can enjoy this great venue. Even with some of the great acts that have graced the stage at the Staples Center, such as Justin Bieber, have led to some competitive prices on tickets as well as great views even from the upper levels.

With this great view there are also some fairly steep steps which can be sort of tough to manage for concerts and large events. Although the building is accessible, it may not be wise for seniors who are ill advised to climb stairs or have troubles with balance, to sit in the upper rows. The seats are quite steep and can be quite treacherous. There is plenty of security around and an excellent medical staff on-site in the event of an emergency. If you ever find yourself lost or in trouble within the Staples Center, there is always an employee or security officer close by to ensure that you’re safe. The friendly security staff is always around to help and direct you around the facility. Taking in a show or a sporting event at the Staples Center is extremely safe as a result of this great security staff.

Prices on food and beer are a little bit expensive but there are plenty of different venues to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for a full meal and a show or a small snack, there are plenty of venues to choose from at the Staples Center and reasonable lineups because of the amount of venues.

There looks to be some excellent VIP seating options as well which, in the form of full VIP suites. The prices for these tickets go up dramatically but it looks as though these types of seating involves getting specialized service as well as more comfortable seating arrangements with a good view of the action.

One common gripe about the Staples Center is that the parking is pretty confusing. Many people find it difficult to find parking around the Staples Center and are forced to take the bus in or even park around the venue a block or two away. Parking surrounding the venue can get quite expensive so it may be better to walk or potentially take the bus in from further out. Getting out of the Staples Center after a large show can also be quite difficult as the parking surrounding the venue is quite closed in. Do yourself a favor and at least carpool if you plan on parking close to the Staples Center.