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Trail Blazers Offseason

Trail Blazers Offseason is there a plan B?

For the Portland Trail Blazers offseason, Plan A is to resign Lamarcus Aldridge and then go from there to improve the other positions. However, what happens if Lamarcus Aldridge leaves Portland? Do the Blazers have Plan B? Can they afford to sign other big name players?

Let’s take a look at the Trail Blazers Offseason Situation.

The Cap Space

If Lamarcus Aldridge walks in the Trail Blazers offseason, the Blazers will have around $40 million tied up in cap space. That is assuming they haven’t resigned Wesley Matthews or Robyn Lopez. The $40 million are calculated with the contracts and salary of new players that they acquired: Gerald Henderson and Mason Plumlee. The good news is that Plumlee is still playing on a rookie contract, and the Blazers have a team option for the next two seasons. That makes him extremely cheap and valuable player. Assuming that the cap will be set at somewhere around $67 million or $70 million, the Trail Blazers could have around $30 million in cap space.

A Big Man alternative

If Lamarcus Aldridge walks, and Blazers do not resign their free agents, they will need a replacement for center/power forward since Plumlee can play either position, and small forward. For the Blazers, signing a big man is the priority. The Trail Blazers can go two ways here. The first option is to go for a big name free agent like DeAndre Jordan, someone who has been linked with the Blazers for some time, or sign a cheaper alternative, and pursue a big name small forward. A smart GM, like Neil Olshey is, can probably see that there are number of big men on the market, including Atlanta Hawks Paul Millsap, Brooklyn Nets Brook Lopez, Greg Monroe, Tyson Chandler, Josh Smith, David West, Brandan Wright, Amare, Carlos Boozer, Omer Asik and much more. However, the pool for small forwards and perimeter players is smaller. Therefore, expect the Blazers to pursue a second tier big man if Aldridge leaves during the Trail Blazers offseason, someone like the Pelcians Omer Asik, Indiana Pacers David West or the Dallas Mavericks Tyson Chandler.

The Wing Position

The biggest problem for the Blazers the past season was Batum was not playing at an All Star level. The Blazers need a wing that can complement Damian Lillard, or someone who can shoot the 3 and defend. There are two free agents that fit that description perfectly. The first one is DeMarre Carroll, who is an unrestricted free agent, and Tobias Harris, a restricted free agent. They probably won’t get in the Jimmy Butler/Kawhi Leonard sweepstakes during the Trail Blazers offseason, but they can take a look at Carroll and Harris.

What if Aldridge resigns?

The question is a valid one, since if Aldridge resigns with the Blazers, the team will have to improve. If Aldridge resigns for the max, his contract for next season will start somewhere between $18 and $20 million. That will leave around $10 million in cap space for the Blazers, a money they must use to sign a replacement for Batum at least and play Plumlee at center. In that case, the Blazers will have to look at players like Danny Green, Gerald Green, Boston Celtics Jae Crowder, Loul Deng and Houston Rockets Corey Brewer. All these players can command somewhere between $6 and $10 million per year.

The Portland Trail Blazers finished last season with a record of 51-31, 1st in NBA Western Conference Northwest Division. LaMarus Aldridge went into the Trail Blazers offseason ranked 7th in NBA players having played 71 games during the season, averaging 35.4 minutes a game with 23.4 points per game average.

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LaMarcus Aldridge Top 10 Plays of Career

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Chavez Ravine Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium: Stop By Chavez Ravine Today!

Baseball season is here and Clayton Kershaw’s Dodgers look like a contender again. Here’s a few fun facts about Chavez Ravine Dodger Stadium you may not have known about:

– Dodger Stadium was opened in 1962. Prior to its construction, the Dodgers played their first few seasons in Los Angeles at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum after moving to the city from Brooklyn before the 1958 baseball season.

– As of the 2014 Major League Baseball season, Dodger Stadium had a maximum seating capacity of approximately 56,000. Last season over 3,782,337 fans enjoyed an MLB baseball game at Dodger Stadium.

– Notable events at Dodger Stadium over the years include a Beatles concert during their final United States tour, Sandy Koufax’s perfect game against the Los Angeles Dodgers Chicago Cubs on September 9, 1965, Frank Sinatra singing the National Anthem on Opening Day in 1977, the 1980 Major League Baseball Game, Kirk Gibson’s memorable game-winning home run in the 1988 World Series tickets against the Oakland Athletics Game tickets, and numerous no-hitters.

– Dodger Stadium is the third oldest major league baseball stadium still in use behind only Chicago’s Wrigley Field and Boston’s Fenway Park. You can also checkout our Best and Worst MLB Stadiums.

– Dodger Stadium has the advantage of being located in sunny Los Angeles, where rainouts are rare. In fact, as of April 7, 2015, the Dodgers were on a streak of over a thousand games without a rainout on their home turf; only 17 total rainouts occurred from the stadium’s opening in 1962 through 2015.

– Dodger Stadium is home to the “Dodger Dog”, a distinctive 10″ long hot dog invented by Thomas G. Arthur.

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2015 MLB Allstar Game Prospects

2015 MLB Allstar Game Prospects

The first month of this year’s baseball is done, and while the All-Star game is still a little while off, it’s never a bad idea to look at some 2015 MLB All-Star Game prospects who might be taking the diamond for the Midsummer Classic in Cincinnati on July 14th. We’ve selected our top prospects based on mostly on the numbers they’re posting this year, although their track record is definitely a factor, too.

Lets start with the American League:

  1. Miguel Cabrera (1B, Detroit Tigers)
    – There’s no reason that Cabrera should not keep his starting spot from last year’s game. He’s posting solid numbers (.333 BA, .438 OBP, .601 SLG), and is yet to make an error this year. He’s an absolute no-brain inclusion in the AL side.
  2. Hanley Ramirez (LF, Boston Red Sox)
    – Although struggling a bit recently, he’s posting acceptable numbers when you take into account his power (10 HR in the first month), and that Boston are going through a rough patch, batting sub-.200 as a team this month. We predict that both he and the Red Sox will find their feet soon, and you’ll see Hanley take the field in the run-on side in Cincinatti
  3. Jose Iglesias (SS, Detroit Tigers)
    – Despite stellar numbers this year in a strong Tigers side, Iglesias is perhaps a little fortunate with his timing. With last years retirement of the incumbent Jeter, and nobody really putting their hands up and staking a claim on this role, Iglesias’ .345 BA (highest in AL), .400 OBP, .445 SLG could win him the job. Don’t be surprised if he’s standing there at Shortstop when the Midsummer Classic rolls around.
  4. Michael Brantley (LF, Cleveland Indians)
    – Without a doubt, Brantley has been the best hitter in the Cleveland Indians lineup. Take into account that Brantley is carrying a back injury with him which is restricting his power, and his .336 BA, .416 OBP and .546 SLG becomes even more impressive. His power is slowly coming back, evidenced by quadrupling his home run count inside May, and we think he’ll be at full power by July, and will be really pushing Ramirez for that starting LF slot. Either way, we’re confident that Brantley will feature in the game.
  5. Jose Altuve (2B, Houston Astros)
    – At the start of the year, if you asked me to pick one person that was a certainty to maintain his spot in the AL side, I would have picked the evergreen Robinson Cano. However, both he and his Mariners are off to a so-so start to the season, and it’s hard to argue with the bat of Jose Altuve – at one point in the season he was hitting well over .350, and now has cooled a little, but you just can’t argue with a guy sitting on 24 RBIs from the leadoff slot. Unless Cano steps up his game significantly, we’re picking Altuve to make his debut in the run-on side in July.l
  6. Sonny Gray (RHP, Oakland Athletics)
    – Instead of making the usual early prediction mistake of trying to shoot the moon and pick the breakout star who becomes the surprise inclusion, we’re gonna take a shot at picking the guy that’s going to be walking out onto the mound in the first inning for the AL. We believe there’s no better candidate than Sonny Gray. Leading the league in ERA, WHIP, and sitting in the top 10 for Wins, Innings Pitched and Strikeouts, we feel that the only other possibility is Felix Hernandez himself. As it stands right now though, there is no going past Sonny Gray to start that game in our opinion.

That about wraps up the AL, we threw up a few guys that are a near surety to hold their slot, and a couple of guys whose selections may be somewhat of a surprise. Lets move onto the NL team:

  1. Buster Posey (C, San Francisco Giants)
    – An average April for Posey has turned into a far stronger May, hitting .321 since May 1st. The real clincher for Posey is the power threat that he represents, which is very unusual for a catcher. His .287 BA, .359 OBP and .474 SLG are good enough to earn the NL catching slot in the Midsummer Classic, and his 6 homeruns cannot be ignored. We expect a strong May to turn into a stronger June, and by the time July rolls around, this will seem like the most obvious choice in the world.
  2. Nolan Arenado (3B, Colorado Rockies)
    – With Aramis Ramirez unable to put up the numbers this year, we consider the NL 3B slot completely up for the taking this year. The strongest candidate at the moment appears to be Nolan Arenado. This 2x Gold Glover is a shining light in the Rockies lineup at the moment, bringing incredible power to the order. He currently sits 9th in the NL for slugging, at .531, and his power will be the key to making sure he’s running out with the NL side in Cincinnati.
  3. Dee Gordon (2B, Miami Marlins)
    – In our opinion there’s no player with more certainty of making an appearance in Cincinnati than Dee Gordon. Currently sitting on top of the NL in batting average (.406) and 2nd in the NL with 12 stolen bases inside the first month and a half, even Howie Kendrick cannot hope to push Dee Gordon out of that starting 2B slot.
  4. Matt Kemp (RF, San Diego Padres)
    – There’s no more highly respected veteran of the game than Matt Kemp. Even if the numbers don’t make him a surety to make an appearance (.273/.305/.377), he’s an excellent chance at taking a spot through the fan favorite vote. May hasn’t been a great month individually for Kemp, but he’s still definitely making his contribution to the team, having already posted a respectable 22 RBIs on the season. We’re confident at this point that Kemp will be running out for the NL side in July.
  5. Joc Pederson (CF, Los Angeles Dodgers)
    – May has been kind of slow for Joc, but seeing that 6 of his 10 hits on the month are homeruns, it’s clear that when he connects, he hits hard. Putting up 21 RBIs already is impressive, an 11 of those come this month, so the hits are coming when they really matter. So what do you get with a guy that can hit, and hit hard when it matters? A definite shot at an All Star appearance.
  6. Max Scherzer (P, Washington Nationals)
    – Max Scherzer got off to an unlucky start of the year – at one point he was 1-3 with the lowest ERA in the league and a WHIP under 1. His team has risen up behind him and he now sits at 4-3, which is much more representative of the incredible pitching performances he’s putting in (1.75 ERA, 0.92 WHIP). We think that Max Scherzer is a good shot at being the guy that NL turn to in order to start their game off right in Cincinnati.

We hope you enjoyed our early look at some potential prospects for the 2015 MLB All Star Game. Let us know below if there’s someone in there that really surprises you, or if you think we’ve really overlooked an interesting race for an All Star appearance!

NBA Finals Game 2 recap

NBA Finals Game 2 Cavs get franchise first Finals win

NBA Finals Game 2 – Cavs get franchise first Finals win, can they win 3 more?

The Cleveland Cavaliers, led by Lebron James, won their first Finals game as a franchise. This is just the second time the Cavs are in the Finals, and the last time they were here, the team was smoked by the Spurs 4-0. This time, however, Lebron James is more mature, with 2 rings on his hands, and is ready to take the challenge. The first two games showed a lot of patterns, and the question now is can the Cavs win three more games and bring that elusive title to Cleveland. Here are some things we learned from NBA Finals Game 2 which the Cavs won 95-93 in overtime.

Matt Dellavedova is more than just “dirty” player

During these playoffs, Matthew was heavily criticized by fans about his dirty play, and alleged intentional fouls and run-ins. So far, three victims fall to his play, including Chicago’s Taj Gibson, and Atlanta’s Kyle Korver and Al Horford. When the reports of Kyrie Irving’s injury went online, there was a meme showing Dellavedova thinking about his next target, Steph Curry. But Matt showed in Game 2 he is more than what many consider a dirty player. He was all over Curry in Game 2, contributing to the final stat sheet of the MVP, which read 19 points on 5-23 shooting. Dellavedova also contributed 9 points in 42 minutes of action, and had the second highest +/- on the Cavs at 15. The highest was scored by James Jones (+22).

Cleveland is setting up the pace

In two games, the Cavaliers have managed to set the pace, and slow down the Warriors significantly. The pace plays into Cavs favor, as they prefer half court battles rather than up-tempo style, especially now Kyrie Irving is missing the Finals. The teams have scored combined 496 points, 201 by the Warriors and 195 by the Cavs. The Warriors averaged more than 110+ points in the regular season, and they would love to get back to that pace.

Kerr is not afraid of messy tactics

The Golden State Warriors trailed 83-72 with little more than 3 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, but Kerr decided to go to a Shaq-a-Hack tactic. After Iggy hit a 3-pointer, Curry fouled Thristan Thompson, made a 3, and then fouled Thompson again. The power forward sank 2 of his 4 free throws in the NBA Finals Game 2. J.R.Smith then fouled Curry, who sank two of his free throws, resulting in a short burst of 8-2 in Warriors favor. They managed to close the gap with the tactic, which greatly helped them force the overtime.

Fatigue might catch up with James

We are all humans, including Lebron James. The isolation heavy offense is draining Lebron James, and the question is how much he can handle. It was evident in the fourth quarter that James is not at his best, since he was missing some easy and open shots. James played 50 minutes, had a triple double with 39 points, 16 rebounds and 11 assists, but the general feeling is that in the long run, this type of play might eventually help the Warriors. James already has an experience playing almost alone versus a great, deep team in the Finals, and it might be the same result.

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best worst of mlb stadiums

Best/Worst of MLB Stadiums

What Stadium Offers the Best Fan Experience For Watching MLB?

Every single person who has attended a MLB game leaves the ground with their own personal memories of what made the experience great. It could be the atmosphere in the ground, the food, maybe they had some killer seats, or maybe they just lucked out and happened to be sitting next to the right people!

With an average attendance at 2015 MLB baseball games being well above 20,000, this means that there are over 20,000 of these personal memories being generated each game, and that begs the question – why is the fan experience so rarely talked about?

After much internal discussion, we here at Barry’s Tickets have decided to break down the ‘fan experience’ into 3 main categories:

  • Seats
  • Views
  • Food

Today, we’ll be assessing these factors to come up with some of the best and worst seats, views, and food to help you decide which ballparks you should really go out of the way to visit, and which, well… maybe they’re worth a look if you’re already in town, I guess.

The Seats

Great seats are about having a good view of the game, having an unobstructed view of  all the action, not having to stand up and lean over to see that line drive fly down the line and into the corner at the wall or the bullpen. There’s extra points from our judges up for grabs if the seats give you access to special services like food delivery. Basically, great seats are the opposite of this:

Image courtesy of

Here’s a short list of what we at Barry’s Tickets consider to be the best seats in baseball:

  1. Legends Suite on the 1st Base Line, Yankee Stadium (NY Yankees) – These seats are some of the most famous in baseball. Not only will you be close to some of the most elite athletes in the MLB, but no other section will have you rubbing elbows with more A-List celebs than the Legends Suite seats behind the Yankees dugout. These seats however, come at a hefty cost, a single seat will run you up $400+ on any given day.
  2. Bleachers 101-105 behind right field wall, Chase Field (Arizona Diamondbacks) – These are the seats you want if your idea of a great night at the baseball is to walk away with a souvenir. During BP, baseballs will be showering down on you from          the Diamondbacks power hitters. The unique advantage of these seats is that they  are right next to the pool, so in the downtime during the game, there’ll be plenty to keep your attention.
  3. Park Club On the 1st base side of home plate, PNC Park (Pittsburgh Pirates) – Now these are some fantastic seats. You get an unobstructed, incredible view of the entire ballpark, access to 3 different club areas, which not only have amazing concessions (more on that later) but can provide you with respite from the cold on the chilling Pittsburgh nights, and in between the action, as you can see from the image below, you get a gorgeous glimpse of the scoreboard, the Roberto Clementine bridge, and the Pittsburgh skyline. The part that gives this the top spot over the others in the category, however, is that these seats usually cost around $50-$60, where seats of similar quality in other ballparks would run you $200-$400, easily.

Image courtesy of

The Views

Views are features in a ballpark that add another element to the game. At their very best, the views can provide a reason to go to the park by themselves. We’ve collected a short list of views and attractions that we believe add the most to their respective ballparks.

  1. Water Fountains, Kauffman Stadium (KC Royals) – The Water Spectacular behind the right field wall in Kauffman Park truly lives up to it’s name. It is the largest privately funded water fountain in the world, clocking it at 322 feet. The waterfalls are constantly flowing before and after the game, and in between innings, and are absolutely worth going to the game to see!
  2. The Green Monster, Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox) – It’s kind of a cliché, sure, but it’s a cliché for a reason. The Green Monster is a feature like no other, as it often has a legitimate impact on how the game is played. How often have you seen a laser beam come off the bat that would be a homerun in any other ballpark, expertly played by the Boston left-fielder at the time to restrict the hitter to a double? No other view in baseball has such an impact as the Green Monster, and we honestly believe that it should be seen, and sat atop, by every true fan of baseball.
  3. The Nation’s Capitol (Washington Nationals) – It would definitely be unpatriotic of us to not have this in the leadoff slot. No more fitting tribute to the great nation exists, in our opinion – being able to see such a marvelous building while enjoying the entertainment of the nation’s most beloved past-time. It is a constant, symbolic reminder of why America is the number one nation in the world, that we can come together and enjoy being alive while the tough decisions are made in the background. We believe that the true value of baseball is represented in this landscape, and that every fan should come and see this view at least once in their life. This is why it sits at #1.

Image Courtesy of


The Food

Don’t underestimate the value of great food at a ballpark! Whether your team is up 10-0 or hitless through the first 6 innings, an amazing burger will still be an amazing burger. Our short list will give you a taste of some of the most outstanding signature food that’s available around the MLB stadiums.

  1. Primanti Bros. Sandwich, PNC Park (Pittsburgh Pirates) – Turns out that the great Park Club seats aren’t the only reason to pay PNC Park a visit. Their signature Primanti Bros sandwich begins with either steak or pastrami, then cheese is added, along with a topping of fries, slaw and tomato. All this goodness is packed in between two slices of Italian bread that are each an inch thick. The Primanti Bros. sandwich is an entire meal fit in between two buns, and it’s brilliant.
  2. Halo Dog, Angels Stadium in Anaheim (Los Angeles Angels) – The Halo Dog is not your standard hot dog, although it does begin with the standard pure beef dog. The difference is that it’s covered in bacon, charro beans, shredded Monterey Jack cheese and trademark Anaheim peppers. The Angel’s Mexican twist on the traditional LA hot dog tastes, dare we say… heavenly?
  3. Schmitter Sandwich, Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies) – Termed to be ‘Philadelphia’s big league sandwich’, the Schmitter is synonymous with Citizens Bank Park, although it was not created there. The Schmitter sandwich is a tribute to the traditional Philly cheesesteak, containing grilled salami on top of a Kaizer roll, finished off with a sauce consisting of hot sauce, lemon juice, smoked paprika, mayo and ketchup, among other things. It sounds a little off-kilter, but trust us, the result is truly mouthwatering. We have no doubt in awarding the Schmitter sandwich the award of being the best item of food in baseball.

Image Courtesy of

So, how did you like our lists? We hope you enjoyed seeing our opinion on some of the components that make up a great MLB Fan Experience! Let us know whether you agree or disagree with the rankings we’ve made. If you think of a category that really adds to the fan experience that you think we’ve missed, let us know! We might include it in a future article.

Last of all, if you want to visit these parks and see whether the real thing stands up to the hype that we’ve given it, then the best place to pick up tickets to visit these grounds is right here at Barry’s Tickets!

NBA Finals Game 2 recap

Golden State Warriors Stop Lebron James

How can the Golden State Warriors Stop Lebron James

The first question the Golden State Warriors will have to answer when they step on the court of the Oracle Arena in Game 1 is how they can stop or at least slow down Lebron James. The former MVP has been sensational during the playoffs, completely eviscerating teams like Chicago Bulls Game Seats and Atlanta Hawks. James is surely a top candidate for a playoffs MVP, and if the Cavs win, he will get the Finals MVP trophy for sure. When James is at his best, attacking and creating for others, few teams can slow him down. But the Warriors had the best defense during the regular season, and they are pretty solid in the playoffs as well.

Draymond Green = Kawhi Leonard

The first one to get a crack at James will probably be Draymond Green. He is the Warriors best defender, versatile enough to defend positions 1-4 and probably center as well. He has the length, the quickness, the craft and the strength to play James on the perimeter, and in the post as well. In the past two finals, Kawhi Leonard, a player very similar to Draymond Green had great success versus James. Leonard was not alone, as the Spurs backed him up, and every time James drove past Kawhi, he was greeted with another defender. The Warriors might try to replicate the strategy, and try to force James be a jumpshooter. He has little success from outside of the paint in the playoffs so far, and he is abysmal from 3-pt range, shooting just 17%.

Lebron James versus the Warriors

Lebron James played in just one game versus the Warriors the past season, and if that game is any indication, the Warriors are in trouble. He scored a season high in that game, guiding the Cavaliers to a 110 – 99 win. James shot 15 – 25 from the floor, and his aggressive play resulted in 11 free throws. The forward hit 8 of those free throws, and he also had a bunch of assists and rebounds to fill up the stat sheet.

Warriors line of victims this offseason

While the Cavs had to face few NBA All Star Game Tickets, and they had to go through more team oriented teams, the Warriors fought with 3 of the five All NBA First team members. James will be the fourth player from that company, and the fifth member is Steph Curry. In the first round, the Warriors stopped Anthony Davis, an MVP candidate. He did averaged 31 points and 11 rebounds, but the Warriors limited all other players from the Pelicans, leaving Davis alone. In the second round, the Warriors went through Memphis Grizzlies Tickets. The star center got his points, averaging 18+, but he was inefficient. The Warriors limited Gasol to less than 40% from the floor. Their best team defensive effort came versus MVP runner up, James Harden in the West Finals. The Warriors managed to keep Harden to under 20% shooting in two games, allowing him to score just 17 and 14 points in those matchups.

A team effort

While many will expect Draymond Green to do all the dirty work on James, the reality is that it will require a team effort. The good thing about the Warriors is that they can employ more than three 6-6 6-7 players on the floor at all times, giving them versatility to switch on James constantly. By throwing different defenders, the Warriors will hope to keep Lebron James out of rhythm. And whenever he droves past his defender, have Andrew Bogut at the rim waiting for him. The best news for the Warriors is that Kevin Love is injured. This allows the Warriors to crowd the paint, and keep two defenders there at all times. Thristan Thompson is doing admirable job of replacing Love in the playoffs, but he doesn’t have the range to spread the floor. And as long as the paint is packed, James might be forced into outside shots.

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Warriors win championship

Will the Warriors Win Championship

Four reasons the Warriors win championship

The four teams remaining in the NBA playoffs are the four best teams from the 2014 – 2015 season. They finished first and second in the West and first and second in the East. However, out of the four, many factors points that the Golden State Warriors are the favorites to win the Championship. The Cleveland Cavaliers, Atlanta Hawks and Houston Rockets Tickets all have a shot, but the stars are aligned for the Warriors this season. Here are four reasons why the Warriors Win Championship.


Every team needs luck and health in order to win a championship. Sometimes an injury to a key player can cost a team their shot for title. Just ask the Oklahoma City Thunder, who were without Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka the past two playoffs. Out of the four remaining teams, the Warriors are the healthiest squad. Take the Cleveland Cavaliers tickets for example, who are left playing without one of their Big Three (Kevin Love), all while Kyrie Irving is nursing a knee injury and playing through the pain. The Atlanta Hawks have their own share of injuries, with reports that DeMarre Carroll might be done for the playoffs. Carroll is Atlanta’s best defender and role player. The Rockets have to start Jason Terry at point guard and also play Pablo Prigioni, two liabilities on defense. That is one of the reasons why Steph Curry is killing the Rockets in the West Finals.


Consistency is a huge factor in the success of the team, and many teams underestimate the factor. Even the Miami Heat with James, Wade and Bosh in their prime years needed one year to learn to play with each other. The starting five of the Warriors is playing together for two and a half seasons now. The Hawks also have consistency on their side, but the Warriors have more talent. The Rockets had to endure half a season without Dwight Howard, and they practically changed half their role players from a season ago.

They play both ends of the floor

The Warriors and the Cavaliers are two teams that are in top 5 in both offensive and defensive efficiency. The Warriors defense has been mediocre in the first round, but the team has picked it up since then. They have won few games thanks to their defense. And they still have the best offense in the playoffs, tied with the Cavs at 107 points per 100 possessions. Out of the four remaining teams, only the Houston Rockets allow 100+ points per game. The Hawks are great defensively, but their offense is not clicking, scoring just 101 points per 100 possessions with lower efficiency than the Warriors and the Cavs.

They have the MVP

While statistics show that rarely the regular season MVP leads his team to Championship, Steph Curry has the chance to be one of those players. In the past seasons, only 22 times has the player who won the MVP award won a title with his team. And only 15 players have managed to do it. Michael Jordan did it four times, Russell did it four times, Bird did it two times and so on. The thing about Curry is that he is playing like an MVP in the playoffs as well. Curry has managed to bump his points to 28.7 per game, and averages 5.2 rebounds, 6.6 assists and 1.8 steals per game. His assists might be down, but Curry is managing to take over games, taking more shots, but still being extremely efficient, shooting 45% from the floor and 42% from behind the 3-pt line.

Upcoming Golden State Warriors Games

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Top Janet Jackson songs all time.

Top Janet Jackson Songs All Time Guide

Janet Jackson hasn’t released an album since her Discipline was released in 2008. Discipline debuted at number one on the billboard charts and her first single “Feedback” was a hit. Their also hasn’t been a Janet Jackson concert tour since 2011. Well, according to Janet Jackson herself she will be doing both of these very soon. On May 16th 2015 on her 49th birthday Janet Jackson announced via Vimeo that she was BACK! “This year, new music, new world tour, a new movement. I’ve been listening. Let’s keep the conversation going”.

Her new album will make it her tenth album released. Janet Jackson (1982), Dream Street (1984), Control (1986), Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989), janet. (1993). The Velvet Rope (1997) All for You (2001) Damita Jo (2004) 20 Y.O. (2006) and Discipline (2008).  Since 1982 she has sold well over 100 million records. So choosing the top Janet Jackson songs all time is tough.

Janet Jackson released in 1982 had eight songs on it and peaked at #63 in the US Billboard 200. “Dream Street” released nine songs and peaked at 19 in the US Billboard top R&B/Hip-Hop albums. “Control” had nine songs including “Control” and “Nasty” which won her a Grammy Award for Producer of the Year. Rhythm Nation had 19 tracks on it. “Janet” had 27 tracks on the album. The Velvet Rope had 21 tracks as well as one hidden track starting at the 3:42 point “Can’t be stopped”. Her “All For You” release had 20 tracks on it. “Damita Jo came with 22 songs on the album. The 20 Yo had 16 songs on it. “Discipline” which came out in 2008 had 22 numbers on it. So choosing the top Janet Jackson songs of all times out off all of her releases isn’t easy.

You could choose the top Janet Jackson songs all time going by what individual songs did the best on the billboard charts. You could also go with the top Janet Jackson songs all time based on the awards they won.

If you met her in person maybe you could ask what are the top Janet Jackson songs of all time although not sure if she would sit over coffee and go over them.

So these are the Top Janet Jackson Songs All Time based on what songs she has preformed the most in concert for her fans.

Top Janet Jackson Songs All Time

1 Rhythm Nation 75 times.
2 Alright 66 times.
3 Let’s Wait Awhile 65 times.
4 Miss You Much 64 times.
5 Escapade 62 times.
That’s the Way Love Goes 62 times.
7 Nasty 61 times.
8 When I Think of You 60 times.
What Have You Done for Me Lately 60 times.
10 Love Will Never Do (Without You) 58 times.
11 If 57 times.
12 The Pleasure Principle 54 times.
Again 54 times.
Control 54 times.
Together Again 54 times.
16 Come Back to Me 48 times.
17 Black Cat 47 times.
18 All for You 40 times.
19 You Want This 36 times.
20 Feedback 34 times.

This list of twenty of the Top Janet Jackson Songs All Time is based off her six world concert tours songs she has preformed for her fans. We would love to hear your thoughts on our list of “Top Janet Jackson Songs All Time” or what are your favorite 5 top Janet Jacks songs all time?

The 49 year old “Queen of Pop” has been a major influence on some of the biggest pop stars of today. Beyonce concert tickets considers Janet her primary inspiration and influence for her musical style as well as image. Britney Spears has noted she is inspired by everything Janet does. Christina Aguilera praised her as “an artist that will always be regarded as one of the best”. Janet Jackson inspired Justin Timberlake concert tickets and Jennifer Lopez to become entertainers. Pink proclaimed her as a primary touring influence. Miley Cyrus was influenced and even created some of her dance routines around Janet Jacksons music. One of the newest pop sensations Ariana Grande Tickets claims Janet as an influence on her as well.

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Barry's Ticket secondary ticketing market data has been used and trusted since 1985 by media outlets including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, AM570, ESPN and more. Barry’s Tickets is also an Official Partner of the NBA Los Angeles Clippers.

Blake Griffin or Kobe Bryant

Blake Griffin The Driving Force Behind Clippers Success

Triple-Double Blake Giffin in some elite company


Blake Griffin LA ClippersBlake Griffin is having the postseason of his career. Despite few mistakes here and there, and some turnovers that led to the Clippers losing Game 5 of the first round versus the Spurs, Griffin is having a monster postseason. His latest triple-double, which he accomplished in Game 1 of the Western conference semifinals has only cemented his play in this playoffs. It is becoming evident that he is the best player for the Clippers, and he will be the one leading the charge if the Clippers are to advance far into the postseason.

Historic Facts

In the past 20 seasons, there have been only four other players with 3 or more triple-doubles in a single postseason. Rajon Rondo did it twice, once in the 2009 playoffs and once in the 2012 playoffs. Rondo had 3 triple-doubles in the 2009 playoffs, and 4 in the 2012 playoffs. Lebron James had 3 triple-doubles in the 2013 playoffs, Westbrook also had 3 in the 2014 playoffs and Jason Kid is the record holder with 4 in the 2002 playoffs. Blake Griffin’s triple-double versus the Houston Rockets Schedule in Game 1 of the conference semifinals puts him at 3 for the playoffs, and he will have at least 3 more chances to catch Jason Kidd. Considering how Blake plays during this postseason, it is more than possible.

Another historic fact of latest Blake Griffin’s triple-double: he is the first player with a back to back triple-double since Jason Kidd did it in the 2002 playoffs. He is also the third non guard player to score triple-double in a back to back games. The other two are top 15 players of all time, Wilt Chamberlain (did so twice) and John Havlicek.

Monster Postseason

Blake Griffin’s triple-double was just the latest achievement in otherwise monster postseason. Green is averaging career best 24.4 points in the postseason, career best 13.3 rebounds and career best 8.1 assists. All of his numbers are up, including steals (1.4) and blocks (1.3). In the same time, Griffin has managed to keep his fouls at bay at just 2.8 per game. The only statistic category he hasn’t improved in this postseason is field goal percentage which is down to 45%. But that can be attributed to the more jump shots he is taking. The good news is Griffin is making those jump shots, which further expands his game.

What does it mean for the Clippers and Blake Giffin?

The triple double by Blake Griffin is both good and bad news for the Clippers. From the three triple-doubles he has posted, the Clippers won two games, and lost one. He posted his first triple double in Game 2 of the first round series Clippers vs Spurs, but the Clippers failed to capitalize. Blake Griffin posted 29 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists in that game. The next two times Blake Griffin posted a triple-double, the Clippers were victorious. In game 7 of the first round series, Griffin posted 24 points, grabbed 13 rebounds and dished 10 assists en route to a victory. And then Griffin went nuts, and single handedly beat the Rockets in Game 1 of the Conference Semifinals. The power forward recorded 26 points, 14 rebounds and 13 assists on 9-19 shooting. For the Clippers to have a chance of advancing past the second round, they will need Blake to be as aggressive as possible.

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Barry's Ticket secondary ticketing market data has been used and trusted since 1985 by media outlets including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, AM570, ESPN and more. Barry’s Tickets is also an Official Partner of the NBA Los Angeles Clippers.

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